A New Chapter…

Hey guys,

I’ve had this blog for more than three years now and it’s amazing how much time flies by. Who I was when I started is pretty different from who I am now. Reviewing books on my blog has opened me up to possibilities I would have never predicted and I made amazing friends as a result.

The last six months or so has been hard for me to see books as a pleasurable experience. I get so wrapped up in getting these reviews to people who read this blog rather than enjoy the current moment. Also, I didn’t want this blog to be so boxed in as a book specific blog when 1) I have many thoughts on various topics to share and 2) a lot of my reviews would likely be on Women Write About Comics. So this will be my last post on A. A. Omer.

I will be blogging over at ardoomer.wordpress.com which currently has four posts. It doesn’t mean I won’t write reviews on this new blog! I will. Some books will inspired a more casual approach or be in a form that won’t fit for Women Write About Comics. Some I’ll hoard for myself at the blog. I will also let you know about the reviews that I do write at WWAC and elsewhere. The different between this blog and A. A. Omer is that it’s an emphasis on my interests vs book specific. I’ll give you behind the scene look at particular pieces and reviews. I’ll talk about comics, news, songs, my personal writings (works in progress) and etc.

So I hope you’ll join me over to the new digs. I’ll be slowly transferring my blog posts from here to their new home. I’ll be adding some commentary to these old posts because it’s BIZZARE how much I’ve changed. Anyways, I’ll stop talking.

Goodbye but we’ll see each other again,

A. A. Omer