Supervillain Week 2014: Welcome to the World of Villains

After such a fun, whirl wind adventure of the first annual Superhero Week in 2013, I immediately started thinking about the following year and what I could do differently to make it even better than the last. I asked and you answered: villains.

Superhero Week 2014- Supervillains

Not just villains though but supervillains. A giant step above the petty criminals and who aren’t susceptible to the “cowardly lot” theory Batman put forth when he donned his frightful costume. They challenge the superhero physically, emotionally and, most importantly, ideologically. They up the stakes and push the story (and hero) to the edge. Sometimes, they’re even created by the very existence of the superhero.

Loving superheroes as much as I do, I’ve come to realize as I got older and read more books/comics that supervillains come in all shapes and sizes. Some are sympathetic through their unfortunate back stories (most of the Spider-Man villains), some are fighting for a cause (Poison Ivy), some want to rule (Dr. Doom) and some have no reason at all for the chaos they cause (The Joker).

This week, we’ll look at who they are, they’re relationship with superheroes, the different forms they come in and if good and evil is as black and white as we think it is. We’ll have five great books getting the spotlight all week long that star and/or house interesting supervillains as well as a crossover post with Just a Lil Lost’s Paris Month. So sit back, relax and put your plans for world domination on hold. This will be a week of being bad, or good. depending on your perspective.

Hail Supervillains!

A. A. Omer

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