Top 5 Surprises of 2013

It has been a great year of books and I’m counting down the top 5 in 5 different categories from the list of books I’ve read this year leading up to my most anticipated reads of 2014 on New Year’s Day.

5. Another Little Piece

another little piece

I don’t normally read a book before reading the synopsis of what it’s all about but the synopsis for this book was so sparse that I went in blind. What came of that was a surprising read where I couldn’t predict what would happen next and had me guessing what type of story it was throughout. Definitely one of the most surprising reads of 2013.

4. The Dream Thieves

The Dream Thieves

I loved The Raven Boys so I wasn’t surprised that The Dream Thieves would be just as good. I was surprised how much of Ronan’s character got fleshed out in the book as being one of the primary focuses along with the surprising reveals. This series thus far has been a lot of fun for readers to guess what Stiefvater has planned.

3. How To Lead A Life of Crime

How to Lead a Life of Crime

It was surprising how good this stand alone was but it was more shocking that it was pushed a lot more than it was. I think this was one of Penguin’s best young adult books and missed opportunity for a larger marketing campaign. I don’t believe in “boy books” and “girl books” but it’s a book that I would recommend boys that don’t read as much but want to get into reading (Like my brothers).

2. Linked


It’s rare to see a positive female relation as the main subject in a young adult book let alone a sibling relationship. Female best friends and siblings are usually relationships that aren’t developed much, take a back seat to romance (*cough* love triangles *cough*) or are presented negatively (i.e. the frenemy). To have a story that was primarily about sisters with a romance that was 0.002% important to the story was a great surprise and I’m so happy to have read this book. I have a younger sister and my closest friends are girls so I would love to see more of those relationships.

1. Fangirl


I was so incredible surprised by this book. I expected that it would be good given that I was already a fan of Attachments and Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell but I was surprised at how much I saw myself in the character of Cath. Outside of her Fanfiction writing, I was that girl during my first year of post-secondary trying to reconcile high school and being an “adult” as well as having my family as a foundation/anchor. I already talked about this over at The Toast in a piece I wrote so I won’t blab on but this is why Fangirl is my number one surprise of 2013.

We all have that book(s) that surprised us. What was yours?

A. A. Omer

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