Upcoming on the Blog

Hey guys,

There’s a few things that’ll be happening on the blog this month that I thought I’d update you on.

  • NEW YEAR’S COUNTDOWN “BEST OF” LISTS: I’ll be having my annual New Year’s Countdown from December 25-31 to showcase the best of 2013: Top 5 Reads of 2013, Top 5 Eye Catching Covers of the Year, Top 5 Female Characters of 2013, Top 5 Antagonists of 2013 and Top 5 Surprises of the Year.
  • HARRY POTTER 2014 RE-READ: I haven’t done a re-read of the Harry Potter series since devouring the 7th and final book in 2007 but that’s about to change! Myself and a few other bloggers decided to do a re-read of the series in January 2014 and have invited those who’ve already read the series AND newbies to join us. For more info, check out the about page for the event.
  • REVIEWS: I’ll finally get around to writing and posting some of those outstanding reviews. Yay!

So I’ll be way more active this month now that school is winding down and my sanity is returning.

If you guys have any books or comics/graphic novels that you think you should make any of the lists I mentioned above for the Best Of series then contact me and I’ll add your picks to the post as well. Cut off date for that is December 20th.

— A. A. Omer

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