It’s Coming: Superhero Week 2014

Hey Guys,

This past May, I started the first annual Superhero Week to basically showcase superhero fiction which is still a pretty small subgenre in literature. I wanted to have meaningful discussions about the genre and the characters in it. It was awesome time and I had a blast putting it together. I’m a sucker for superheroes and I got amazing guest posts from fellow bloggers/superhero fans.

So why am I bringing up something that happened in the past?

Well, I wanted to announce two things on the blog officially:

  1. Superhero Week is happening again in 2014 and this year it’ll be focused on: SUPERVILLAINS!
  2. Superhero Week 2014: Supervillains will be from April 28th to May 2nd 2014.

I chose supervillains as the focus because it felt like a natural progression to focus on the other side of the superhero coin: the Antagonists. I’ve got some cool posts planned where we talk about who villains are, they’re roles in the superhero narratives, whether good and evil is as black and white as it seems and other fun stuff. My goal is to get you guys thinking and talking.

I chose that specific week because The Amazing Spider-Man is premiering on May 2nd, Captain America 2 would have been out a month already, Free Comic Book Day is on May 3rd and the Toronto Comics Art Festival is the following weekend (May 9-11). So leaving April and heading into May seemed to be a great time to do this.

I’m hoping to have great guest posts on Supervillains and will put out an open call for submissions in the next few months. I’m definitely going to have my 5 spotlight books again because that’s the whole point of the week, right? To showcase awesome superhero lit. I’m hoping to have some author interviews and create fun polls.

Lastly, I’m doing an entire post on Batman’s Rogue Gallery which many (including myself) have said has the best cast of villains in comics but also because 2014 marks the 75th year anniversary of Batman.

So look out for posts on any updates regarding Superhero Week 2014: Supervillains as well as my twitter: @ArdoOmer.

A. A. Omer


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