You Read What? Book Review: The Dream Thieves

Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Publisher:  Scholastic Press

Date Published:  September 17th 2013

Format: Hardcover

Source: From the publisher for an honest review


Now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken, nothing for Ronan, Gansey, Blue, and Adam will be the same.

Ronan, for one, is falling more and more deeply into his dreams, and his dreams are intruding more and more into waking life.

Meanwhile, some very sinister people are looking for some of the same pieces of the Cabeswater puzzle that Gansey is after…

Number of Days It Took to Read: 1 and 1/2


The Dream Thieves

Gorgeous cover. Love the paint effect.

The Writing Score: 5 out of 5

Recommendation: Must Read

Memorable or Forgettable: Memorable

Rating:  5 out of 5


Yes Yes YES. I love this book sooooo much and I really just want to gush incoherently for the rest of this review but that wouldn’t be fair to those reading it. So enjoy the coherent review:

After I had finished and fallen head over heels in love with The Raven Boys, I couldn’t imagine how this story could possibly have a decent sequel let alone four books. This series was my first from the author, Maggie Stiefvater, and I realized that she was doing something amazing with it: she’s telling a story. There isn’t any real urgency the way you would come to expect with the dystopians floating around or the action-pack adventures in the Young Adult genre. Every other chapter isn’t plagued with “will they or won’t they”. You do have that nagging question of when Glendower will be revealed to us and those very small cliffhangers like the one at the end of Raven Boys where Ronan professes that Chainsaw was dreamt up but those just tend to drift off into the background. Instead, you want to hear more about the characters that inhabit this world. Blue and The Raven Boys. All participating in Gansey’s quest to find a slumbering King but for different reasons. 

I enjoyed this book because you have a cast of teenagers with a host of unique issues that they must deal with both within the realm of the real and mystical. If Stiefvater isn’t writing about love and it’s consequences then she’s writing about privilege, obsession, morality, life, death, identity and destiny. Escaping into a world is great but if the people that you’re sharing this world with aren’t authentic then it makes the experience fun but without the bone deep camaraderie that certain books evoke from you, it’s just one of the many summer reading flings.

I like to call this book the book of Ronan because despite the multiple points of views given, it’s very much a story that fleshes out his tough exterior and showcases one of the best character trajectories that I’ve seen in some time. This book came to me at a time when reading for fun was becoming increasingly difficult and my reading passport was looking pretty empty. So if I could say one thing about it, I’d say thank you for given me that love again for the 36 hours it took me to read it.

A. A. Omer

The opinions expressed here are mine and readers are welcome to disagree. In fact, I encourage it! I never believed in putting particular books or authors on some sort of universal pedestal but you’re free to put it on your individualized pedestal because I most certainly will.

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