I am a terrible person…and I’m back

Oh followers and readers of this blog…

I have failed you.

With injured wrists followed by the long, hot month of Ramadan which led to a reading slump and then just pure laziness normally associated with the last few weeks of summer before the stress of school,  I found myself neglecting this wonderful place that allowed me to voice my opinions that were at first uncalled for but now feverishly demanded. Ok, maybe not FEVERISHLY. Maybe looked forward to? Yes? Alright.

So I haven’t been completely and utterly useless the last few weeks. I’ve started a comics blog with the wonderful Christa from More Than Just Magic which I will link to my comics review page here. I’m very very excited for this project and hope you guys will check it out. It’s a Canadian flare to comics with all of your non-Canadian favourites as well (TheImprobableChuck.tumblr.com). School started as well which means I will be SUPER busy but this tends to mean I’m really great with updating the blog often with reviews and random nonsensical things.

Feel free to comment on the posts. No such thing as a stupid comment BUT there is such a thing as a disrespectful comment so none of that please.

That’s all. Thought I’d let you know that I am alive and have not forgotten about this blog.

A. A. Omer

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