2 Week Hiatus

Hey Guys,

So I’ve gone to the doctor’s office this morning to get this hand pain thing sorted and was told to get a wrist splint and take a break from my laptop (and phone) for a while. It’s a big deal because if it doesn’t get better that means I need to see a specialist which might lead me down the road to surgery for both hands. I don’t want this to happen because I’m a blogger AND A WRITER.

So no Twitter.

No Tumblr.

No writing.


This sucks.

Linh will still post the occasional review and might do more postings depending on her personal schedule.

So guys 😦


If you’re sending me an email, don’t expect a reply before 9:30 am and after 4:30pm on week days. Forget about the weekends because I won’t be on my computer AT ALL.
I’m no longer accepting review requests until September so any request should be made out to Linh. Contact her using the CONTACT page on the menu.
A. A. Omer

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