Comic Review: Hawkeye #7

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: Steve Lieber & Jesse Alan Hamm

Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth

Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

Cover: David Aja

Hawkeye #7 Cover

Publisher: Marvel

Release: January 30, 2013

Type: Ongoing

Writing Score: 4 out of 5

Art Score: 3.5  out of 5

Cover Score: 4 out of 5

Recommendation: A Must Read

Rating: 4 out of 5


No Spoilers

SO GOOD. GO READ NOW. We’ve got someone new with the interior artwork or should I say new people? Jesse Hamm and Steve Lieber are sharing the job. I like both for different reasons. This issue was really great mostly due to Kate’s story (20 pages divided between Clint’s and Kate’s story). It was a good and solid issue.



With Spoilers

The story was essentially about a hurricane and where Kate and Clint were when it hit. In the first ten pages, Clint helps Grills (who we find out is not his actual name) move his father out of his house but it gets hit with a tsunami of water before they leave. Not a lot of the heroics that we’re used to in here but Clint does have his moments.

Hawkeye #7 - 2

This story was basically about Grills and his father and how a situation like this brought them closer together. Clint was there to help with any of the speed bumps along the way. The next ten pages were of Kate who was attending a wedding in New Jersey. The usual Jersey jokes were made. I really enjoyed her story because we got to see Kate be a bad ass which led to my favourite two pages in the entire issue:

Hawkeye #7 - 4

Hawkeye #7 - 5

This seems to be an appropriate time to talk art. As you know, I have limited knowledge on art to judge it but I have opinions so judgement shall happen regardless. I realized that the art work was really different between Clint’s and Kate’s stories before even looking at the details of who drew what. I checked out the Comic Book Resources site to see if my hunch was correct and it was (bear with me. I am not an art person). According to CBR, Steve Lieber drew Clint’s story which is much nicer, conventional looking than Jesse Hamm’s art. With that said, even though Hamm’s art isn’t normally my kind of thing, it does make Kate look more active and lively in her movements. I think Jennifer Cheng wrote it better than I could ever articulate in the CBR review:

These features of Hamm’s style suit the lighter, more comic tone of the second half of “Hawkeye” #7. His Kate Bishop is leaner and more girly than David Aja’s or Javier Pulido’s, but that, too, is in sync with Fraction’s script.

– Jennifer Cheng, Hawkeye #7

That deserves a slow clap.

Kate attempted to be the hero in stopping some hooligans from ransacking a pharmacy but gets hit over the head. No need to worry because a community of people stop the hooligans from running off with the stolen goods. They became the heroes of the story. There wasn’t any page layout or panel structures that stood out this issue but I think Kate explains the moral of this story far better than I could…

Hawkeye #7 - 6

That’s all for this review.

A. A. Omer

I’ve grown up with the comic book characters we all know and love but I finally got into comics with the launch of DC’s NEW 52 in 2011. These opinions are mine and mine alone…unless, you know, you agree which will then mean it’s OUR opinion but disagreeing is totally fine too. Ratings may lay heavily on writing and plot rather than art since I’m not an art expert.

2 thoughts on “Comic Review: Hawkeye #7

  1. Hi A.A. Omer,

    Like an asshole, I Googled myself on a Monday evening when bored and I saw that you referenced my Hawkeye review. Thank you! I appreciate it and I’m flattered that you liked it.

    I’m also a fan of Sarah Rees Brennan and enjoyed reading your posts on Unspoken and on fellow reviewer Kelly Thompson’s book.

    Jennifer Cheng

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