Fierce Reads Tour Makes Its Final Stop In Toronto

Last night was the Fierce Reads event at the Indigo Bookstore in Yorkdale mall and Toronto was their final stop on the tour. Given that it was a Wednesday evening, there was a great turn out of fans that ranged from teenagers to adults. The tour included authors Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14 series), Jessica Brody (Unremembered series), Anna Banks (Of Poseidon series), Leigh Bargudo (The Grisha series) and Gennifer Albin (Crewel World series). They started off the event by explaining what they’re book are about.

Fierce Reads 1

Next they took questions from the audience that included:

What their dream casts would look like for their books

Gennifer Albin said she’d love for Emma Stone to stop aging so that she could play Adelice

Anna Banks prefers unknown actors for her characters

Leigh Bardugo loves the ideas that her fans come up with and monitors the Shadow and Bone tag on Tumblr

What inspired their stories

Emmy Laybourne said she combined too loves for her story: survivalist thinking and superstores

Jessica Brody was initially inspired by an article of a plane survivor and then threw out what-ifs

Gennifer Albin was inspired by a painting called “Embroidering the Earth’s Mantle”

If they had any fun, freaky or awkward moments while writing their books

Jessica Brody gave one of her characters a sex change from male to female but didn’t catch all of the pronoun changes in the ARCs (Advanced Reader’s Copy)

Emmy Laybourne took a nap right after she wrote “the end” for Monument 14

Anna Banks said that during her research of mermaids, she realized that a lot of them were drawn with butt cracks

The first and most memorable book they’ve read

Emmy Laybourne: Little house in the Big Woods

Jessica Brody: GO DOG GO

Leigh Bardugo: Many Moons

Gennifer Albin: The Princess Bride

What makes a good trilogy (which was also a code word for a special gift. it was won by our very own, Linh, and she got a USB drive of Unremembered that included a never before seen sneak peek of the sequel to Unremembered)

Jessica Brody said that a series naturally feels like 3 books just as a story has 3 acts

Leigh Bardugo says to throw everything into each book. She’s not a fan of trilogies that could’ve easily have been one book.

Anna Banks says that the characters must grow throughout the series

Do they like their covers

They all said YES

Would they develop an entire book that focuses on just back story?

Leigh Bardugo said that she has written in the Darkling’s POV but, if she were to release something like that, it would be after the series ended. She wants the readers to guess the characters’ intentions right along with Alina.

Once the question period had ended, it was time for the signing. I got Leigh Bardugo to sign Shadow and Bone for me after I had just recently finished the audiobook version of it. I’ve already gotten the audiobook of book two, Siege and Storm, and I plan on checking out the other books by these kick ass (and hilarious) authors.

Fierce Reads 2I also met awesome Toronto bloggers who I love to bits. They made the experience even more fun 🙂

A. A. Omer

2 thoughts on “Fierce Reads Tour Makes Its Final Stop In Toronto

  1. Ooh you are quick! I just posted a couple recaps from events that were more than a month ago!! =b

    Sounds like fun!! I definitely would have tried to make it if it had been on a weekend… alas, weeknights are not ideal to have to travel 2 hours.

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