Thoughts…Because I Have Them

It’s interesting to see the reviews go up as the first weekend release of Man of Steel comes to a close.

I didn’t like the movie. It frustrates me to see comments of people defending it by calling it realistic. It stripes the Superman that we know at his core and replaces him with a post 9/11 version of the character that’s distrustful and angry. I understand that people are untitled to their opinions and that’s fine. Great even. I understand that it’s ridiculous to invest any type of energy at being upset by this but I am.

I don’t see my myself as an optimist  or an idealist entirely but I do think in those terms a lot of the time. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t watch the news because of how depressing it is and that good news isn’t given as much air time. I see realism in superhero films as going from a costume that has the underwear on top to one that’s sleeker and functional. I guess you could say that my frustration is more about what this Man of Steel says about us as viewers and as creators of this version of the story more than anything else.

Damn, this is depressing.

A. A. Omer

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