My General Recap of BEA on Paper Droids!

Hello All,

As you know, I’m a contributor on Paper Droids – an awesome site that you must visit – and I was their 2013 BEA/BEA Bloggers Conference Correspondent! They just published my recap of my time in NYC as I mentioned before but it’s far more general than the recap posts I’m trying to churn out here on the blog. This is why I’m directing your attention to the article so that you have something to read before I post the next installment which will be soon…hopefully. Work has been crazy this week due to Convocation (aka University graduation!!!!) so that’s why things have been slow (sorry!).

Anyways, here it is

Holy BEA Batman! A Recap of the BookExpo of America

Last week, I headed off to New York City (specifically Manhattan) to attend this year’s BookExpo of America which was this huge book conference that ran from Thursday, May 30th to Saturday, June 1st. It was my first time at the conference as well as New York City, which got me wondering, “How could I make this experience even more fun?” and thus the hashtag #HolyBEABatman was born. I decided to bring my little Batman plush doll and have him be the star of the many photos I took during my NYC and BEA experience.

I flew in Tuesday morning with my mom and little sister, and got settled into our hotel. Sadly, NYC decided to rain that day so our fun was limited to just going to a diner down the street and touring Times Square for a bit which was five minutes away. That evening, I attended the SimonTeen party (an imprint of Simon and Schuster) where we mingled with fellow bloggers and an awesome lineup of authors: Suzanne Young, Cat Patrick, Siobhan Vivian, Jenny Han, Corey Haydu, Amy Butler Greenfield and Jason Reynolds. There was an interview portion hosted by Suzanne Young as she asked the other authors about their books, choices of music, a classic they’d like to rewrite, etc. In the end, we got to go home with their books, which was amazing given that one of them was Fire with Fire by Siobhan Vivian and Jenny Han. I was super excited for this sequel and I also won a Lisa McMann prize pack which included an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of her upcoming book Bang.

-excerpt taken from

Did you think I’d post it all? Nope. You’ve gotta read the rest here.



A. A. Omer

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