A. A. Omer Year 1: Behind the Scenes and the Blogging Community

So there’s more to blogging than just typing something up and hitting send. There’s also…

  • scheduling posts
  • managing/creating/adding widgets
  • linking your blog with your social media
  • setting up a Facebook page/Tumblr blog
  • knowing what a HTML/CSS (and any other acronym) is
  • crying out in frustration because this computer business is out of your league
  • screaming triumphantly because you learned how to tackle technology
  • changing your template and then changing it again cause “you’re bored”
  • 10+ books coming out in the same month or two that require review
  • old books you really want to read
  • the new bookshelf you desperately need
  • setting up rafflecopter for giveaways
  • going to the post office to ship the giveaway to winner
  • wading through review requests
  • shaking your head at the review request sent through the comments section, twitter and/or tumblr
  • dealing with I-Don’t-Feel-Like-Writing-ANYTHING slump
  • dealing with a reading slump
  • juggling the blog with the rest of your life
  • getting upset with the computer because it doesn’t recognize “to Google” as a verb
  • waiting every single day for the mail despite the fact that you aren’t  expecting a book to come
  • thinking up new ways to attract attention to the blog
  • spending WAY too much time on the computer so you avoid eBooks for the next month
  • trying to sound witty and “totally cool” when engaging pubs/bloggers/lit agents/etc but you’re really freaking out.
  • get a blog partner to release some of the burden of posting
  • adding comic reviews to “set you apart from the rest” but then falls behind in said comics
  • adding a review policy, about page and contact page

and so on and so on. Blogging can get stressful and complicated especially if you’re new because there are things you’ve NEVER HEARD BEFORE pre-blogging. Personally, my challenges were the widgets, acronyms, html/css etc.


The coolest and best part of book blogging is the community. Doing this alone sucks so it’s important to get to know fellow bloggers so they can help you out and offer advice. I guess you could say that this was the most surprising thing about book blogging for me because I never believed such a community could exist. In fact, I thought it was more  of  a competition or that people would think it was. I didn’t want to ask questions when I started out. I didn’t want to ask how to add a plug-in because someone might see it as trying to imitate theirs.

It’s so ridiculous but I truly thought about these things and guess what? It wasn’t true at all.

The moment I felt that I really became confident in who I was as a blogger was when I attended the Ontario Blog Squad’s Blogger Meet Up. Ever since, I’ve had a great relationship with the Toronto and Ottawa bloggers as well as others from across the country. From there, I’ve expanded my relationships to the United States and across the globe. I talk to authors a lot on Twitter or live at events. I get to chat with fellow book lovers a.k.a. the publishers, booksellers and even literary agents. I’m constantly surrounded by amazing people who share the love of reading and I can honestly say that if I could take away one thing from blogging, it would be the community that books have created for me.

And that, my dear readers, is a wrap for Year 1-

“Wait? What about your giveaway?”

Ah, yes…this is awkward. Totally forgot about that. Since this is a series of posts about my first year as a newbie blogger, I’ll be giving a set of ARCs to Cuddlebuggery to giveaway via their Little Blogger, Big Ambitions program so look out for a post of when it goes live!

A. A. Omer

3 thoughts on “A. A. Omer Year 1: Behind the Scenes and the Blogging Community

  1. I feel the same way as you – after the bloggers’ meet-up, I was like, “My life has totally changed.” I started blogging a lot more and I felt like I got kinda obsessed…

    Congrats on your 1 year blogoversary! I am so glad that we got to be friends this year. =)

  2. This is so true! When I see it in list form it sure seems like a lot, but it IS a lot. Thanks for the reminder that I need to make a countdown widget for an author…

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