1 Year Blog Anniversary

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So I logged into my blog just now and this was there along with a little trophy to remind me that I’ve had this blog for a WHOLE YEAR.

Why didn’t I mention this milestone earlier?

For two reasons: 1) I remembered two weeks ago and had planned a post that was about what I’ve learned from blogging in the last year but 2) I was away at BEA this week in New York City and had no time/was too exhausted to do anything.

So instead, I’ll have mini posts each day this week that focuses on one thing I’ve learned as a blogger.

Will I do a giveaway? Yes but it’ll actually be through Cuddlebuggery‘s Little Blogger, Big Ambitions program so that I can help bloggers who’re starting out the way other bloggers helped me when I was a newbie. I just need to figure out what to give away…

Will I have a recap post of BEA? Yes. Soon. I promise. You can look out for the general recap on Paperdroids and a more specific one on my blog.

That’s all folks.

A. A. Omer

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