It is the end of the Eleanor and Park Read-Along. I know. It’s very sad. It was a fun ride with a cute story and the awesome people who participated.

Let’s give everyone a round of applause.

And for the last time, here are everyone’s thoughts to the last few chapters and the book as a whole:

  • I think the author’s real talent is at capturing two things 1) those intimate moments when a guy and girl are together for the first time and 2) what happens when two people are ripped apart by circumstance. – Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit
  • That was a great ending. I love this book. – Ardo @ A. A. Omer

  • Rowell’s beautiful writing and storytelling! She gave us a well-informed narrator, great character development, twists and turns – basically, everything that keeps you turning the pages. –  Tura @ Reading Writer
  • OMG- that ending! In a way, it ended better than I expected- I really was prepared for the worst possible scenario there. The way it did end kind of broke my heart. I wanted a happily-ever after even though I innately knew that it wasn’t going to be possible. – Rachel @ Rachel’s Reading Timbits
  • The only criticism I have is that the book could have easily be named ‘Eleanor with Park’. While Eleanor’s story was shared in depth (family life, school scenes), we didn’t learn much about Park beyond his acts of love towards Eleanor. Yes, there was the moment when his mom talked about her background and the brief spat with his dad over eyeliner. But I still feel like I wanted to know more about him, outside of Eleanor. Because of this, Park looks like just another supporting character in this story about Eleanor’s first romance. All in all, this book was an endearing look at young love with the volume turned all the way up! 😉 – Tura @ Reading Writer

Discussion Questions:

1) What did you think about that twist at the end when Eleanor’s textbook vandal was revealed? Expected? Unexpected?

2) How did you feel about the end of the book? Was it an ending you envisioned or a total surprise?

3) Overall, what do you think of the characters, writing and progression of the story? Was the pacing great? Did the characters come alive or remained consistant? Was the writing something to behold all on it’s own or was it just a vehicle to get the story across?

4) Did you take anything away from the story whether it’s something new about yourself, new information or perspective or maybe a new love/curiosity of comics and music?

A. A. Omer

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