Hey Guys,


Today is Chapters 20-29 and I’m leading the read-along discussion. Last week Thursday was Chapters 11-19 over at Tiff’s blog so you can check that out before continuing on with my post. Remember: This read-along could contain spoilers so those who haven’t read the book should probably not read this.

So we’ll start with snippets of what the participants in the read-along thought of these chapters:

  • The first kiss…sigh.  They are seriously too cute.  I love that it was awkward and not completely swoon worthy, yet they are still all giggly and happy together the next day. – Angela @ Reading Angels
  • My heart was pounding. I know Eleanor doesn’t want to go to child protective services, but at some point, there’s gotta be an intervention. I’m hoping Park’s parents are the ones who pull it off. – Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit
  • Definitely a turning point, they are just so stinking cute, and weird. I love it. – Loretta @ Reading Angels
  • I loved the awkwardness of the first meeting between Eleanor and Park’s mom. I’m annoyed with Park in that he’s embarrassed (or was) of Eleanor but I know that it’s realistic which is why I don’t actually see him as perfect at all. – Ardo @ A. A. Omer
  • Can we talk a little bit about the “reverse” racism from Park’s mom? I’m not even sure if it’s racism, maybe just prejudice about Eleanor’s weirdness? I found it very interesting that even though Park’s mom is the one who is preaching no fighting and tolerance, it’s actually Park’s dad who really accepts Eleanor and invites her to stay for dinner. – Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think that Eleanor continuing to keep her family troubles a secret from Park will hurt their relationship since it seems to affect how she behaves around him?
  2. Now that things appear to escalate a bit with Richie, do you think the repercussions of not telling the authorities about her home situation outweighs what could happen if Richie were to ever find out that she did tell?
  3. Did Park fight Steve for Eleanor or for himself? Does it matter?
  4. What did you think of what Park’s mother said about Eleanor and are you surprised by the unexpected reactions of his parents regarding her?


  1. I don’t think Eleanor can tell Park, and I think Park understands that, so no- I don’t see that as hurting their relationship. I think she also keeps it a secret more to protect Park than anything else. As for what would happen if Eleanor tells the authorities- I think Richie might kill her mother and her siblings- or they wouldn’t believe her and she’d be screwed.

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