Movie Review: Iron Man 3

I got to see the 3rd Iron Man movie in theatres this past Saturday. I love, love, loved it and thought it was quite possibly the best one yet or at least better than the 2nd. I wrote a review on Paper Droids and thought I’d repost it here. Enjoy.

A. A. Omer

Originally published on Paper Droids (Check them out. They have great posts):

As the first superhero film of the year, Iron Man 3 blew the starting gates right open. It had immense pressure going in – the 3rd installment of a well loved franchise, the first solo film following last summer’s blockbuster hit The Avengers and the first overall superhero film of the year – and it swatted that all away with a witty one liners, action but also heartfelt moments because that’s how Iron Man rolls.

Let’s start at the beginning which, interestingly enough, is how the film started: with Tony Stark quoting someone famous about creating our own demons while taking us back to 1999 New Year’s Eve in Switzerland. From there, it’s easy to see how the quote is echoed throughout the film, as ex-girlfriends and rejected colleagues become an issue for invincible Iron Man. Guy Pierce and Ben Kingsley gave strong performances as the respective villains in the piece, and Robert Downey Jr was amazing as ever.

Downey delivered a powerful performance as both the witty, humorous hero we’ve come to love, but also brought a more vulnerable side him. After the events of York in The Avengers, Tony Stark has anxiety and emotional issues that he must deal with throughout the film. I’ve heard many people criticize the lack of “superhero action” and “too much of Tony out of the suit,” but people forget that the superhero narrative isn’t just able blowing bad guys out of the sky. The reason why we love superheroes versus just plain old heroes is a) the costumes, but mainly b) watching them deal with the weight of being a hero while juggling normal aspects of life, including who they are as people. If we look back at The Avengers, Captain America asks Stark who he is without the suit which I found was what this movie was trying to answer. Is Tony Stark what makes Iron Man, Iron Man? Or can anyone just fill the armor?

Besides, there was a lot of action as well as various suits (and various ways Tony gets into the suits). The humor was spot on, as I found myself chuckling a lot especially during the scenes between Harley and Tony (Ty Simpkins is a kid to watch out for in the future). Rhodey wasn’t in this as much, but was great when he was. Pepper was a bad ass. Overall, I found the story to be solid and had all the fanfare of the superhero genre as well as some depth. It was a great ending to the franchise (I’m pretty sure this is the last Iron Man film but not the last time we see Iron Man). I really believe this was better than the second movie but I’m sure there are others who would disagree.

As long as you’re flexible with the decisions regarding certain characters (I’m looking at you comic book fans) and not expecting The Expendables level of non-stop action (that usually comes with little to no narrative), then I think you’ll like this film. I high recommend watching the last two Iron Man films and The Avengers for this one to make sense (and if you want to go on a movie marathon, add Thor, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk).

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