Free Comic Book Day: Recap + Reviews

So last week was Superhero Week 2013 which was fun but also exhausting. I’m so glad that people were interested in it and I hope that a) you thought the posts were interesting but also b) you wouldn’t mind having one next year around the same time. I’ve already got a theme within the theme in mind that got some thumbs up (Woot Woot!). Anyways, I brought up it because this past Saturday, myself and some friends went down to the Silver Snail comic shop get some FREE COMIC BOOKS.

It was Free Comic Book Day and it was sunny. The line was long but moved surprisingly fast. We got smoothies while waiting (strawberry and banana. yum) and a toy. I saw a Spider-Man, a Hawkman, someone dressed as some kind of hero that I couldn’t identify and a Joker (who was actually really funny when he stopped to chat with us. My only regret was not taking a picture of him). There was a limit of 10 comics at this particular shop (awesome) but I think I grabbed only 7. After that, we ate at Fran’s which was a block away and discussed comics of course. Later that afternoon I saw Iron Man 3 with my family (ERMEGAWD SO GOOD) so you could say it was a very geeky weekend.

I thought I’d do a sprint review of the comics I read so check that out below 🙂

  • Molly Danger (written and illustrated by Jamal Igle) [ACTION LAB]

I loved this comic. Art work was good but it was the story that grabbed me. It was nice to see a female heroine who was strong and not made to look like she was created for the sole purpose for being ogled. In this particular case that would be wrong on so many levels given that the character is young. It was just a fun read and I’d happily lend it to my sister to read. Within the comic as well was Princeless by Jeremy Whitley which just made me so happy. It was fun, hilarious and really displayed some girl power. If you picked up this comic then you’re in for a treat.

  • The Strangers (written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Scott Kowalchuk) [ONI PRESS]

This comic felt like Charlie’s Angels but with superpowers and only one female in a team of three. It was a combination I wasn’t used to but worked so well. On the fourth page, there’s a sequence of panels that are made to look like an opening sequence of a television show (more specifically Charlie’s Angels!!!) which is brilliant. The artwork is drawn in a simplistic manner in tuned with the story. The ending again felt like the ending of the show where the words “next time” appear and poses the question fo what our heroes will do while reminding us each of their predicaments. Another winner for me!

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (written by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by Ryan Hill)/Star Wars (written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Ryan Odagawa) [DARK HORSE]

I called this the “mullet of comics” since there is one story with one cover but then you flip it over to see another cover of another story. You can decide for yourself which one is business and which is the party. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve seen the three newest films which tends to get people gawking at me. I did, however, really enjoy this story of Darth Vader’s assassination as the story is called. The progression was great and felt like the fullest story that I’ve read from my free comic book day batch. The art work was great given the action that was going on and again it was just well done overall. The Avatar story was short and sweet. It was about Mai rebounding after ending things with Zuko in The Promise but it doesn’t go as planned. The artist is different from The Promise. It was simple most of time and the details only show up for close zooms. I did appreciate having Mai showcase her bad as skills as a reminder to people that she is much more than Zuko’s girlfriend/ex-girlfriend. There was also an additional story in the comic called Captain Midnight written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Pere Perez. I wasn’t a fan of it at all. The writing was over exaggerated in some parts which I guess is something you’d expect in “superhero” comics but this came off as cheesy.

  • Grimm (plot by Jim Kouf/David Greenwalt, written by Marc Gaffen/Kyle McVey and illustrated by Jose Malaga) [DYNAMITE]

I’m a huge fan of the show so I thought I’d check out the comic. It feels like the show but with a rushed story. I’d have liked it to have gone on longer but it’s a comic. Maybe it would’ve been better to have them broken into 2 parts? The writing was solid otherwise and the art work was decent. There was also a sneak peek at Damsels #1 (written by Leah Moore & John Reppion and illustrated by Aneke) which, to be honest, I had no clue what was going on. There was a sequence of scenes with different characters: a fairy, a red headed girl, another red headed girl but who looks like royalty and a blonde girl. This may have been just a sneak peek but it was one that I had no clue about. I’m assuming that they’re damsels in some shape or form. The art is pretty though.

  • The Walking Dead (written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard) [IMAGE]

I’ve read at least the first 90 issues or so of The Walking Dead but haven’t stuck with it. I thought I’d grab this and glad I was. There were short mini backstories of Michonne, Tyrese, Morgan and The Governor. Technically Morgan’s story wasn’t a backstory but more of  a story post-meeting Rick. That last panel immediately made me think of the show and shiver in a I-miss-you-you-creepy-man-you.

  • Valiant Masters: 2013 Showcase Edition [Valiant]

This basically was a collection of a few comic stories that’ll be featured this year as ongoing series I guess:

Ninjak Vol. 1: Black Water Sneak Preview written by Mark A. Moretti and illustrated by Joe Quesada.

Shadowman Vol. 1: Spirits Within Sneak Preview written by Faye Perozich & Jim Shooter and illustrated by David Lapham.

Eternal Warrior Vol. 1: The Fist and Steel Sneak Preview written and illustrasted by Barry Windsor -Smith.

Rai Vol. 1: From Honor to Strength Sneak Preview written by David Michelinie and illustrated by Joe St. Pierre.

These stories were down to a matter of taste and I wasn’t feeling any of them. For some reason, the art for all of them gave off an 80s technicolor feel but this could be due to the printing. It personally wasn’t great for me but I’m sure others will enjoy them.

  • World of Archie Digest

I read a lot of Archie while waiting for my mom finish her grocery shopping as a kid. I couldn’t get enough. So I thought, “why not?” but that’s when I should’ve said no thanks. The triangle between Betty and Veronica irks me because it wouldn’t never have lasted as long in real life. Plus, Archie isn’t remarkable in anyway for these two lovely ladies to out do one another for dates. What annoyed me the most was one story where a guy asks his girlfriend to help him in attracting female gamers for a game he’s designing. She suggests an “Ethel-type trying to capture a Jughead-type” game that’s about make up, shopping, make up/accessories as weapons, get extra points to get Jughead around like preparing desserts for him etc. The girlfriend is happy to help because it means her boyfriend will spend more time with her unlike when he was interested in comics. Then it ends with the boyfriend making dinner plans with her later so that they can continue talking about it. While he’s gone, she comes into a diner where Betty and Ethel are upset and complain about Archie and Jughead not paying attention to THEM due to marathon gaming. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I threw it across the room. It was wrong on many levels.

That’s that. I’m excited for next year!

A. A. Omer

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