Remember when I said that in my first year of post secondary, I was searching for superhero fiction like a mad woman? Well, this book was one of the first that I read.

It follows 15 year old Avery Pirzwick who’s super strong and can fly. I enjoyed his character so much because he does what any 15 year old (or anyone in general) would due when they realize they have superpowers: they try to be a superhero. Watching him deal with the complications that go along with that decision appears more realistic than cheesy. He also meets other like him who have powers of their own that range from not exactly amazing to deadly. I also enjoyed the fact that not all superpowers are great and can even become barriers to have/do the normal things we like. The back story of how they got their powers is pretty unique and overall, it was a fun to read. I find it’s a great gateway book to superhero fiction.

You can find the author, Sarah Cross, on her Twitter, her Tumblr and her site.

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