Guest Post: What Makes A Hero?

What makes up a hero? If you breaks a hero to his core, what will you see? I dissect my “hero” and this was what I got. 

Inspire. A hero needs to inspire me, and make me want to better myself, want to go that extra mile. A hero makes me see the world as a place to explore, experience and learn. He opens my eyes and let’s me see what I once thought of as darkness might not be as bad. He will motivate me to persevere.

Perseverance. The best character trait of a hero to me is perseverance. If I may quote Midorima Shintarou from Kuroko no Basuke: “There’s no shame in falling down. True shame is to not stand up again!”. Everyone encounters obstacles in their lives, everyone has been knocked down before. What differs from the successful and the rest? Perseverance.

Be a human – aka realistic. A hero needs to be relatable, humanistic, and have flaws. What’s a hero if he’s just way too perfect and you don’t feel a connection to him? Nothing. A hero is someone that makes me feel like one day, I can also be like him. That doesn’t mean that he has to be everything and one thing at the same time. He just need those qualities that make humans…well human. What are those qualities? You name them.

Be humble. No one likes a cocky person, it’s just annoying. Enough said.

Be smart. A lot of TV shows, movies etc depict the hot-headed characters who rush into the fight even when it is absolutely hopeless. Yes, that shows “courage” but that might not be the brightest idea. Being a hero doesn’t mean throwing your life away, being a hero means to be courageous but not crazy, know the difference. Being a hero is knowing when to retreat and fight another day. Like my HSS prof once said: “don’t mistake stupidity for courage.”

And lastly, being a hero doesn’t mean you are the punching bag, it means standing up for what’s right. I have seen super nice girls who think that “everyone has their problems” so it is okay for other people to push them around. Kindness doesn’t always make up a hero. Standing up for what is right is better than being the punching bag. Speak up. You weren’t born into the world to get be bullied and act as a stress reliever. You are so much more than that. In my eyes, everyone has the potential to become heroes.


– Ashley

You can check out Ashley on her blog and follow her on Twitter.

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