Super Resources: The Sidekicks to Your Superhero Needs!

Just as the superheroes of the DC Universe had Oracle, here are some sites and places that will feed your superhero cravings as well as keep you informed. These sites are awesome and I suggest visiting them often!

Run by the fantastic Sue, DC Women Kicking Ass is a site dedicated to showcasing female comic book characters as well as discussing the countless issues these women face in as well as outside of the pages. It’s a great source of information and there is even a time (I think it’s normally on Sundays) where Sue goes through her inbox to answer questions that people may have. This was one of the first sites I visited when I first started out a few years ago. Although it’s largely DC focused, there are posts and discussions on Marvel characters and other publishers as well. She’s also on Twitter!

If I want to know about comics, video games, movies and/or shows, I tend to visit ComicBookResources. It’s not focused on just superheroes but comics in general. There are reviews, clips and columns/blogs as well such as She Has No Head! by Kelly Thompson. You can also follow them on Twitter. So go check them out.

I think the name says it all. It’s a site all about superheroes with forums, news and features such as 9 Things You May Not Know About The Iron Man Series. They even have a page dedicated to individual heroes and if you click on one, you’ll get all of their articles regarding on him/her.

My good friend Christa has a Sunday strip on her blog where she reviews comics. It’s a great place for newbies to check out as well as have discussions on the particular comic via her comments section.

  • Comic Book Stores

When you feel ready to dive into the world of your favourite superheroes, I suggest reading some comics. It’s the medium that gave birth to the genre so why not? In Toronto, there are great places to go but I suggest The Silver Snail and Cyber City Comix. The Silver Snail has been around for a long time and it’s one of the most known comic books stores in the city and even the country. They have two locations (one has a cafe!) and the people there are eager to help you. They were even linked to the Comics and Cartoons course at York University as a resource for students. If you’re more north of the city then I suggest heading over to Cyber City Comix. The owner and staff are fantastic. I went there when I started out and they were great at helping me (as well as enduring the countless questions I had). The customers are just as great and I suggest giving yourself an hour there because you’ll find yourself talking to everyone on the latest comic book news or whether or not Batman can beat Superman. So check out the stores near you and don’t be afraid to shop around for the one that fits you.

Don’t want to buy print comics? Then I really suggest checking out Comixology. It’s a great place to buy eComics and they have a lot deals throughout the year. I found that buying printing every month was taking a lot of space in my house so I decided to only buy print for special issues.

These are the resources that I’ve used personally and I’m sure I’ve pissed a few. I’ll continue to update this but if you have sites or other form of resource that people should check out, add them to the comments section.A. A. Omer

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