SUPER BOOK FEATURE DAY 2 – Batman: No Man’s Land


I don’t know if I can write down how much I love this book without becoming incoherent.

This book was my first introduction to Greg Rucka and I’ve read a few of the comics he’s worked on. His run on Wonder Woman got me to fall in love with the character since I wasn’t a fan of hers before then (I didn’t know her well enough and had eyes only of Batman). He also wrote “Gotham Central” which is one of those comics that I beg and plead people to read because it’s SO GOOD (I was irritated that it wasn’t turned into a show after Smallville ended). He’s just a phenomenal writer all around and has a new comic book series coming out called Lazarus.

Greg Rucka’s Batman: No Man’s Land is a novelization of a few story arcs that were published by DC Comics:

Batman: No Man’s Land #1

Batman #560-574 (December 1998-February 2000)

Detective Comics #727-741 (December 1998-February 2000)

Batman: Shadow of the Bat #80-94 (December 1998-February 2000)

Legends of the Dark Knight #1 16-126 (April 1999-February 2000)

The below were featured in the novel as adaptions or inspiration:

Batman: Chronicles #16-18 (April, July and October 1999)

Batman: Harley Quinn (September 1999)

Batman: No Man’s Land #0 (October 1999)

It’s a great book that has all of the elements of a Batman comic but what’s really great about it as a novel is that the story gets fleshed out more as well as the characters. You’re spending more time with these characters than you normally would and the storyline is engaging, action packed and wonderfully paced. I couldn’t put it down. Even though it’s a Batman story, you don’t spend the entire time with him or in his head. In fact, there are multiple POVs (point of views) in the story such as Barbara Gordon, the Comissioner, Renee Montoya etc which enriches it even more.

I honestly tried reading the graphic novel version of No Man’s Land to compare the two but honestly? I found it boring after reading the novel (only read Vol. 1). I strongly recommend reading this if you’re new to comics and the only knowledge you’d need is the basics. If you’ve watched at least one Batman cartoon series (or know someone who did and talks about it none stop) then you’re good to go.

Did I mention the plot because the way everything ties up at the end is just…GAH. I’m just in awe.

I should end this before I become blabbering Fangirl.

You can find Greg Rucka on his Twitter and site. Also check out his other novels.

A. A. Omer

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