Super Author Kelly Thompson Answers Questions!

Author Kelly Thompson, The Girl Who Would Be King, was gracious enough to answer my superhero inspired questions. Up, up and away we go!

1. Did you grow up reading, watching and/or obsessing over superheroes?

I didn’t really “grow up” with them, so much as my brother and I discovered them via the 90’s X-Men Cartoon – so my first look at a superheroine was Rogue flying around a mall and punching sentinels in the face – and it was love at first sight! But I was already 15, so I’d wasted so much of my youth already! Shortly thereafter my brother discovered comics after seeing one of the cartoon characters on the cover of a comic book at the mall. He brought it home and I fell in love again, but this time with comics. Superheroes pretty much became my life. What can we learn from this story? Clearly, malls were important to my teenage development. 🙂

2. Do you have a favourite superhero? If yes, who?
If I can only pick one I have to go with Batman. If I can have a few then I’d add Cassandra Cain/Batgirl, Rogue, Wonder Woman, Emma Frost.
3. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
If it has to be just one, then I’d go with flight. As someone that’s had several flying dreams, I am confident that flight would be the best thing to have. If I can have a “power set” then I’m afraid I have to go with the rather boring Superman-esque (but I like to think of as Rogue by way of Ms. Marvel-esque) package of Flight, Super Strength, Invulnerability, etc.
4. If you were a superhero, what would you call yourself?
Oh, man. I’ve always liked the word Myrmidon, which means a hired warrior (although there can be negative connotations to the word as well) but I feel like then you’ve got everyone mispronouncing it. so maybe Virago would be better instead, which is a word for a female warrior (and which can also mean a domineering and violent woman – woo!). If Valkyrie wasn’t taken maybe I’d try to get in on that action. 😉  My boyfriend once gave me the nickname Jet – which I loved, but which never really stuck – maybe because I’m not actually very fast – but if I was a superhero maybe it would feel more earned/accurate.
If I was a supervillain, it’s an easy answer. Killer Kelly…which is already a nickname I have, though I hope not for villainous reasons!
5. Who’s your real life hero?
Probably Joss Whedon. He’s not perfect, nobody is, of course, but I really am inspired by his work in general and specifically by his work with female characters. I also admire the way he behaves as a public figure, which is a really tough thing I think. I also really agree with his principles (as far as I understand them). He really changed storytelling for me at a reasonably early age – the world of genre fiction and especially female heroes is a different place because of Whedon and I’m grateful for that. I hope I can add my own mark as well.
6. You’re the city’s resident superhero and your cape is billowing in the wind. So many people look up to you. Do you have any superhero inspired life advice for them?
Well, probably no cape, for starters. I’m no fool. Unless you’re Batman (or a few others), a cape is probably a bad idea. So…now I’m billowing in the wind. What is my advice? “Don’t be jerks.”
People can be so wonderful, and they can be so damn horrible, and everything is just better when they try to be their best selves, rather than their worst. Don’t be a jerk, it’s kinda simple. Right?
Thanks again Kelly for answering these questions! You can check her out on Twitter, her blog and on Comic Book Resource.
A. A. Omer

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