Super Book Feature Day 1 – The Girl Who Would Be King

The Girl Who Would Be King

Cover by Stephanie Hans

Today is the first day of a five day love fest of superhero books that deserve to be shared with you all. Back in the summer of 2012, a kickstarter campaign was underway to get a novel about two super powered girls, one who protects and one who destroys, published after not being able to get picked up by traditional publishers. I came across the campaign through twitter and happen to recognize the author from the 3 chicks podcast and She Has No Head! on Comic Book Resources (CBR). Already in the comic book industry, I knew that Thompson knew what it took to write superhero fiction and after reading the first chapter that she posted on her blog, I was sold. This was the first kickstarter I participated in and was so happy that I did.

So many things went right in this book. First you have two female leads in a superhero story who are strong both physically and also in their principles and ambitions. The book wasn’t shy about getting dirty as scenes of bone breaking and skin tearing is told in detail. Their backstory is so unique and interesting which is relief given the iconic backstories already in place today whether it’s being orphaned, being bit by a radioactive spider, being born from clay or a child of a God or coming from a planet far far away. It’s evident this is a book from the Modern Era of Comics (0r Bronze Age for some) by the way it challenges the notions of good and evil as vulnerabilities and doubts become a constant theme throughout.

I chose this as the first featured superhero book of the week because it truly shows that girls can be super and heroism is a game of pain as much as triumph.

A. A. Omer

Check out my review here TGWWBK

One thought on “Super Book Feature Day 1 – The Girl Who Would Be King

  1. I’m really excited to read this book – have been ever since you first mentioned it. Especially since it features multiple strong female characters and questions notions of good and evil. Those are always elements that will get me interested in a book.

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