Hello All!

I’m a huge reader but I’m also a huge fan of superheroes and so I thought to myself, “Why not combine the two?”

That’s exactly what I’ve done when I created “Superhero Week” which is basically a week of celebrating everything and anything superhero-ish. Since this is mostly a book blog, it made sense to use the five days to showcase 5 books/series that I’ve enjoyed that are in this superhero genre.

But that’s not all.

These 5 days will also feature

  • Guest Posts
  • My Top 5 Fave Superheroes
  • Superheroes found in other genres such as film, television and comics
  • Issues regarding superheroes and what superheroes have taught me
  • Some mention of fun upcoming events for superhero fans (SDCC/FanExpo, Free Comic Book Day)
  • My most anticipated superhero reads
  • 2013 superhero movies which’ll begin with Iron Man 3 coming out on May 3rd

And much more. I’ll also giveaway one of the superhero books that I’ll showcase during the week at the end.

So come by and share your superhero love!

A. A. Omer

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