Movie Review: The Host

What’s Up Movie Goers (or Movie Addicts like myself),

I got to see the The Host last night all by my lonesome since my siblings decided that Olympus Has Fallen would be a better choice (I really wish I went with them to be honest).

They were right.

First off, I didn’t read the book which was great because it won’t constantly be compared to it while I was watching it. That’s an advantage to those who made the movie because it meant it wouldn’t get judged as harshly as non-book to movie adaptations. However, there were comparisons being made to it’s older sister book by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight.

Let’s be honest. Watching grass grow is far more interesting that all of the Twilight movies combined and would probably look better if done by National Geographic. So when I say that The Host was better doesn’t say much about the movie except that it’s better than the worse thing in film in the last decade (there might be others that are worse but I doubt it).

Visually speaking, The Host was stunning. It was very futuristic and my favourite prop would have to be the cars that the Seekers got to drive which were slick and sexy. The acting was phenomenal but this wasn’t surprising since I’m a fan of a lot of the actors/actresses. The concept was promising but I found the execution of the story to be sorely lacking. It was really quick in the story telling yet I was literally counting the minutes until it was over. It was dragging and this may be because it was focusing on all the wrong things but, again, I haven’t read the book. If you’re expecting to see a sci-fi action movie, this isn’t it. If you’re going to see or expect to see a film with a post-invasion storyline that acts as a backdrop for romance and “self discovery”, this isn’t it or, more correctly, it’s done poorly. There were many eye rolling moments through out and there was one part in particular where I felt was unrealistic or didn’t make sense.

So that’s my review. I suggest watching this film at home if you really want to.

There is a picture and a video of the Lotus Evora which is the Seeker car I love so much. Further down is a spoiler of the specific part(s) I had issues with in the film.

A. A. Omer

Seeker Car

Couldn’t find a full body shot but it’s beautiful. It’s the Lotus Evora. There is a video that looks at the car at the bottom here.






The issue I had was near the end where Wanda is telling them that she’s going have Doc remove her from Melanie’s body. My issue with this was everyone’s issues with this plan of action including Melanie. WHY WOULD YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THIS? Melanie isn’t in control of her body and never mind the issue of two people sharing a body with two different love interests or that, you know, YOU’RE NOT IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN BODY. They had issues with the plan before Wanda mentioned being sent back home so I’m pretty sure it’s not them being upset she’s leaving earth (or, in reality, wanting to be killed by Doc). This never made sense and the only person who was smart enough not to take issue was Jared.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Host

  1. This is disappointing but I can’t say my expectations were too different from everything you’ve described here. Will probably still watch this but not until it’s out of theaters.

  2. Too bad you disliked it so much. =( I did like it for the most part, but I’m still a bit disappointed in it. I LOVE the book so much, which really surprised me when I read it… so I guess I was expecting a story as powerful as in the book, but that’s pretty impossible when they cram it all into 2 hours and cut so much out. It sucks because it made it all seem like insta-love with no real emotional connections, and nothing about what it means to be a soul, to be human, etc. which I actually thought the book did brilliantly.

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