Comic Review: Ghost World

Writer: Daniel Clowes

Artist: Daniel Clowes

Publisher: Fantagraphics

Release: April 1st 2001

Type: Graphic Novel

Writing Score:  4 out of 5

Art Score:  3 out of 5

Cover Score: 3 out of 5

Ghost World

Recommendation: Casual Perusal

Rating: 3.5 ghost world graffiti art out of 5


I read this graphic novel as part of my Comics and Cartoons class. This won’t be a long review.

It’s a great story that follows two girls, Enid and Rebecca, in a world that’s lost it’s sincerity which causes these characters to have a jaded and cynical perspectives. It had some funny moments but that was the entire feeling of the comic. Even though I can appreciate what it’s trying to do intellectually and the comment it’s making on a society that seems to want to be perfect/genuine when that isn’t always the case, I didn’t enjoy it. Probably because it was super depressing. The writing is spot on and the art was good but, for crying out loud, it was downer.

I’d give it a read because it’s a great commentary on today’s society…

…geez it’s depressing.

Sorry for the repetition.

A. A. Omer

I’ve grown up with the comic book characters we all know and love but I finally got into comics with the launch of DC’s NEW 52 in 2011. These opinions are mine and mine alone…unless, you know, you agree which will then mean it’s OUR opinion but disagreeing is totally fine too. Ratings may lay heavily on writing and plot rather than art since I’m not an art expert.

One thought on “Comic Review: Ghost World

  1. I’ve read Clowe’s The Death Ray and while it was mostly enjoyable and interesting I also found it a little disjointed and sometimes hard to follow. I think that’s why I’ve held off picking up Ghost World even though I always hear about it. Your review kind of convinces me that this was the right call.

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