Marissa Meyer + Blogger Outing Recap Post

What’s Up, Book Lovers?

This past Saturday (March 9th), I went to the Marissa Meyer signing at an Indigo Book Store. The signing/Q&A Discussion was at noon and I thought it would be best to come early since I wasn’t sure how long the line would/could be. I ended up getting there minutes before 9:30 (stores in the mall don’t open till 9:30) so thank you public transit for that. I didn’t wait long before I met up with another blogger, Siobhan from Conversations of A Reading Addict, and we were let in at 9:30, becoming one of the first six people at the signing! (Good thing to since the line was crazy long). We still had hours to go so we spoke to other bloggers and fellow book lovers while waiting and the time flew by. The Indigo Green Room team came by so that a picture could be taken of us for their Twitter page.

Indigo Green Room

Finally we got to be seated and, right at noon, Marissa came out to meet her excited fans.


She told us how she came up with the idea of the Lunar Chronicles which included an obsession with sailor moon, a short story contest and a dream about cinderella losing her foot instead of a glass slipper (because she was obviously a cyborg!). She talked about the fandoms she was/is apart of (Star Trek! and Sailor Moon!) and how that led her to write all of Cinder, Scarlet and part of Cress during National Novel Writing Month (a Star Trek contest motivated her to write 150, 011 words but unfortunately, was a few words short of winning). She ended the talk with the original (non-Disney version) stories of Rapunzel, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood before opening it up to questions.

This was one of the best author signings I’ve been to. Marissa Meyer was a wonderful speaker and an amazing writer so I’m really happy to have attended this.

IMG_1579     IMG_1580
Afterwards, myself and a bunch of bloggers (not only from Toronto but from London, ON and Ottawa as well) got together to get some food afterwards. We had a blast and talked about everything from blogging and books to school and engagement stories. I love these girls and feel like we’ve grown to become friends. The blogger network here in Ontario is amazing and the support we have for each other is phenomenal.

I’m sorry for going all gushy on you guys but it’s awesome when you find people who love the same things you do even beyond books or embrace the things different about one another.

Ok. Enough gushing.

You can find some live tweets of the events including some of the questions asked and retweets from others (sorry in advance for misspellings and missing words. It is the way of speed tweeting).

A. A. Omer

Live tweet 1

Live tweet 2

Live tweet 3

Live tweet 4

Live Tweet 1

Live Tweet 2

Live Tweet 3

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 5.44.46 PM copy

Live Tweet 1

Live Tweet 2

Live Tweet 3

Live Tweet 4

Live Tweet 5

Live Tweet 1

Live Tweet 2

Live Tweet 3

Live tweet 4

Live Tweet 5

Live tweet 6

Live tweet 7

Live Tweet 8

Live Tweet 9

Live Tweet 10

Live tweet 11

Live tweet 12

Live tweet 13

Live Tweet 14

Live tweet 15


One thought on “Marissa Meyer + Blogger Outing Recap Post

  1. Thanks for recapping. I’ve been woefully bad about doing recaps for my blog lately…one of these days, I will get back to it.

    Love hanging out with you and the other bloggers – definitely the highlight of last week. =)

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