Breathless Reads/Faze Party Recap

Hello Readers,

Gather round so I can tell you a funny tale that involved tweens, almost becoming a blogsicle and waiting two hours for authors that I thought were the main attractions…and these were the days of our blogger lives.

Ok, I couldn’t help that last line. It was too easy.

So this past Sunday, I was excited to attend the Breathless Reads tour hosted by Faze Magazine. I went with my good pal Stephanie from Paper Droids and we got to the Opera House right on time (or relatively on time. 2:01 to be exact). There was a huge line and no one was let in yet. It was freezing. We were freezing in line for a half hour before going inside but that was before getting a front row seat of the cupcake making behind the glass window. Cupcakes we would never eat *le sigh*. That wasn’t a big issue. The issue was having people who were supposed to be on the media list (ie. Steph and I) but not having a separate line for said media people. The wait was ridiculous and the security lady was not a kind individual. You’d think that after being let in things could only go up from here, right?


We got there and were bombarded with tweens/teens who kept bumping into us without any inclination to use words such as “excuse me” or “pardon me”. The message of the event (which was empowering young girls) was lost on the young audience who were there just to see celebs like Much Music VJ Phoebe Dykstra, BRENDN etc or use the free hair/makeup stations that were set up. We waited two hours (BRENDN did about 5 songs I think and only one was his) for the authors to show and, when they were mentioned, they were only given a two minute introduction indicating to the audience that they will be signing in the back. I waited two hours (STANDING FOR TWO HOURS) for just that. Like Michele said in her recap over at Just A Lil Lost, I felt tricked. I expected a panel of authors discussing writing and their books and…well…being the main event at this thing. None of that happened and it left a lot of bloggers annoyed and cranky. Most of us left after we got our books signed and chatted a bit with the authors.

This was poorly managed and the excuse of, “well, you guys weren’t even the target audience (ie. over the age cut off point of 24 years old) so of course you wouldn’t like it” is invalid. I’m 20 and was very disappointed with the event. I was told, after most of us left, by another blog who stayed behind that the authors took to the stage afterwards and spoke. It was too little too late for me. From what I’ve heard from friends who were active attendees to these Faze parties in the past, everything we witnessed in terms of the set up of hair/makeup, musical performances and etc were common. If that was the case, why not lead with the authors who were something new and fresh? I wasn’t willing to stay another two hours.

It really did feel like an awkward high school dance.

By the way, the authors were phenomenal and their awesomeness had nothing to do with how the event turned out…that was probably the problem.

A. A. Omer


The only upside was getting Lesley Livingson’s book, Once Every Never, in my swag bag. That was a light at the end of an uncomfortable tunnel. Oh and the books I got from other bloggers: The Madman’s Daughter (ARC), Casual Vacancy, Through to You (ARC) and Paper Valentine (ARC). Oh and the book I bought later on that day: The Fault in Our Stars. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Breathless Reads/Faze Party Recap

  1. Great recap Ardo! 🙂 It really was nice to see the authors and all of us bloggers that did make it out. Definitely not the right fit and really not sure why Faze thought it would be. Because they’re female authors and they wanted to do the “empowering” speech? (about KFC?)
    You’re right, even that message was lost on the tweens who just wanted to scream at musicians..

  2. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you guys but I’m not too disappointed that I missed the event. Doesn’t sound at all like what I expected. Excited that you got The Fault in Our Stars though!

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