Canada Reads: Day 1 (The Introduction)

Hey Guys,

So today marks the beginning of a 4 day debate or “turf war” for Canada Reads 2013.

What is Canada Reads?

Canadians were asked to recommend books that represented the place they called home and CBC compiled the Top 10 books of each region.

  • British Columbia and Yukon
  • Prairies and North
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • the Atlantic Provinces

Canadians voted and 5 books remained to participate in the debates or turf war. Who does the debating on behalf of the books? 5 Canadian personalities from the particular regions will defend their given title and by the end of it all, only one will be declared the winner. The contenders are below along with the person defending them.

  • British Columbia and Yukon: Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese

Defended by Carol Huynh

  • Prairies and North: The Age of Hope by David Bergen

Defended by Ron MacLean

  • Ontario: Away by Jane Urquhart

DefendedCharlotte Gray

  • Quebec: Two Solitudes by Hugh MacLennan

Defended Jay Baruchel

  • Atlantic Provinces: February by Lisa Moore

Defended by Trent McClellan

What is the Blog Doing?

We’re joining in on the fun as well! Lynn and I have divided the Canada Reads books between us and are planning to post reviews of each of the books in a pros and cons fashion.

We’re weighing the good and the bad of each book.

There’s no winner or loser.

But there will be a WHOLE LOT of judging and spewing of opinions.

Who doesn’t love that? (seriously, who doesn’t?)

The debate starts at 10:00 am today and will continue until the 14th. For more info on where you can watch it, check out the CBC website here. Tomorrow we’ll be posting Away and Age of Hope.

A. A. Omer

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