Young Justice: “True Colors” Recap

Hey Guys!

I got my first article (recap) published in the nerdy online mag: Paper Droids. I’m very excited and thought I’d direct your attention there. Here’s a sample of the Young Justice Recap post: True Colors.

In this week’s episode: Trouble in villain paradise, another colorful beetle and we get closer to bad guys’ evil plot.

The episode starts with Bumblebee and The Atom wading through what we find out to be the inside of Jaime Reyes’ body in their attempt to separate the scarab from him. This doesn’t work since the scarab releases aggressive looking antibodies causing them to retreat. The Atom gives Jaime the sad news that he…will remain a superhero.

There is way more to that post so check out the rest at Paper Droids!

A. A. Omer

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