Event Recap: Ghost Hunting at Casa Loma

Two weekends ago, I went ghost hunting with fellow blogger, Michele (Just A Lil’ Lost), at Casa Loma with a few of her friends. It was the first time I went to Casa Loma (Yeah, I’ve live in Toronto for almost two decades and haven’t been. Shame on me) and I was amazed by it’s beauty (and the number of stairs I had to climb to get there).



(Part of the front entrance of the castle)

I have to say that this was a great way to get out of my comfort zone. With that being said, I was a skeptic in a sea of believers. I was cool with that because it made it so much more fun to be surrounded with people who so passionately believe in something.


(The Library)

The night started off with attendees (there were sixty of us) being divided into groups: A and B. Then we were ushered into the library where we sat for an hour listening to the ghost hunters explain the history of Casa Loma, it’s ghostly inhabitants and stories, ghost hunting in general and the tools of the trade (there’s an EMF reader app believe it or not). After all that was done with, we were given ten minutes to use the washrooms before our hunting began. For me, this meant making sure I wasn’t the last person in the washroom after hearing those stories (just because i’m a skeptic doesn’t mean I can’t get scared. I watch scary movies for this precise reason). When the ten minutes was up, our group was sent to the tunnels and stables while the other group remained in the main castle.

IMG_1206[1]IMG_1208[1](The Tunnels)


The tunnels were CREEPY. One of Michele’s friends had her hand touched thinking that it was water but the tunnel ceilings weren’t wet (creepy. Plus, it happened again later on in the evening). We got a tour of the creepy tunnels and then were shown the stables where we got to do an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session in the dark (Thank you Michele for posting the name on your blog!). After that, we were given free time to roam the tunnel/stables/unfinished pool areas before the switch at 9:00 pm. 

IMG_1210[1](The Stables)

IMG_1212[1](Oven Looking Things In Tunnels)

IMG_1217[1](Unfinished Pool Area)

I admit that I was a little side tracked with the movie posters along the wall near the pool area. A bunch of them were film at Casa Loma including X-Men which got both Michele and I excited. At 9:00 pm we made the switch to tour the main castle which included another EVP session and chance to go up one of the castle’s towers (I loved the tower. It was creepy with a really narrow stairwell but had a killer view of the city).


(The Tower Ceiling)


(A Poor Replica of the AWESOME View)

The evening wrapped up at 10:00 pm. It was exhausting but a lot of fun. I’m really happy that I agreed to do this and if you guys want to do this or events like this at Casa Loma, I suggest joining their newsletter.

For a much better recap from the ghost hunting fan, I strongly suggest you check out Michele’s blog (Just a Lil’ Lost).

A. A. Omer

One thought on “Event Recap: Ghost Hunting at Casa Loma

  1. I am so happy you joined me & my friends on this ghost hunting adventure! 🙂 I love the people that can be skeptics but still open to the stories and possibilities… SUPER creepy about my friend getting her hand touched several times!!

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