Teaser: Recaps, Reviews and Discussions! Plus, THE BOOK BINGE

Hello my wonderful readers,

First off, I’d like to say that I am aware that “Discussions” doesn’t begin with an R which would have made my title kind of cool. Kind of. Okay, maybe it’s just me but whatever. I reserve the right to think of myself as witty. Or partially witty in this particular instance (or in life but I won’t get into that).

So much has happened this week but due to a) school but mostly b) lack of internet at home (IT’S COMING BACK! Soon. In the near future), I thought I’d do a teaser post of things to come because a) I don’t want you to think I abandoned you and b) teaser trailers/excerpts have pained me in the past and I thought I’d return the favor (Cruel and unfair. I know. I’m sorry). LET THE TEASING BEGIN!

  • I went ghost hunting in an old castle with a blogger pal of mine.
  • I went to an awesome event last night that was held at the Penguin Group headquarters with other bloggers and TWO AUTHORS.
  • I’ve read exactly TWO books in the last week and a half. tsk tsk. So those two reviews are coming.
  • I’m jotting down ideas for discussion posts AS I WRITE THIS so look out for that. I know I said that before but this time I mean it.

I also plan to book binge this weekend because I realized that the weekend is the only realistic time to get any not-for-school reading done otherwise I’ll just have a TBR pile getting a whole lot taller and threatening to crush me and get me into trouble for having a messy room (my mom, believe it or not, DOESN’T believe inanimate objects can do things on their own. I know, right?)

That’s it.

A. A. Omer

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