2013 Book Inspired New Year’s Resolution

First off, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Yes! We’ve made it through the so called Mayan doomsday and into 2013. Huzzah! Another year of shows, movies, comics and books! Now onto my book inspired New Year’s Resolution.

5) Read more Adult novels

  • I’ve come to realize this year that Young Adult is my first love. There are so many books that I’ve enjoyed that were YA and books that I can’t wait to read. This, however, doesn’t mean I’ll call myself a YA book blogger because I love adult novels too. So must read more and I’ve already got off to a great start.

4) Read at least 75 books

  • I started to read again in April when school let out after a 2 year hiatus. I couldn’t read as often since starting post-secondary but then found a balance. I surpassed my 50 books goal by 8 books (give or take) and hope to read at least 75 this upcoming year.

3) Post more “discussion” related posts

  • So many issues to discuss regarding the book world and the world in general. I love writing discussion posts because it creates dialogue and, most importantly, I get an opportunity to throw my own two cents. More of these posts would be great.

2) Diversify the genres

  • I love to try new things and book genres/topics are no different. I’m the kind of girl who’ll stick with an author that diversifies what they write about because I get bored reading the same thing quickly. I got into Dystopian and Contemporary novels this past year and hopefully I’ll try something new in 2013.

1) Get more involved with the publishing industry

  • Ever since I started book blogging, I met a lot of great people in the book industry. I’ve gotten to know authors on a more personal level; I’ve met the faces behind the publishing companies (YES! People work there!) and I`ve met fellow bloggers who are not only kind but also really supportive to a newbie like me. How can I get more involved? Well, I could go to more book events like signings, blogger meet-ups or the BookExpo America/BEA Bloggers Conference. Let’s just say I need to get out more and interact with other book loving human beings.

2 thoughts on “2013 Book Inspired New Year’s Resolution

  1. I’m with you for #5. When I started blogging I read mostly adult. But then this past year I was pretty heavy into YA. 2013 is going to be the year I try and balance them

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