The New Year’s Countdown: Top Tear Jerkers of 2012

5) Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J Bick

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Jenna’s life is crap and there were moments when I cried ESPECIALLY at the end. Thank you, Bick. You got the water works going…

Drowning Instinct

4) Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Told from a very vulnerable and fragmented POV, Mafi really tugged (sometimes jerked with excessive force…thanks for that) at my heart strings. All I wanted to do was hug Juliette while simultaneously lust after Adam and laugh at Kenji’s humor. I got you, Juliette.

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)

3) Everyday by David Levithan

A inhabits a different body every day and there are times when the bodies have sad lives attached to them. There were a few that got me teary eyed and had me rethink a lot of things in my own life. *Sniffles* Crap…promised I wouldn’t cry…

Every Day

2) Wanted by Heidi Ayarbe

What’ll guarantee a good cry? A book that reminds us how shitty our society can be. Crap for certain groups of people are often institutionalized in the laws of the land or the views of the society. I may have had watery eyes while reading this book but it was the ending that got my leaking from my eyes.


1) Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter

This was a surprise tear jerker. There were two specific moments in the book that had pages stained with salty eye liquid (damn it. Said I wasn’t going to cry…). The first was regarding a revelation Cammie gets and the second was the very end of the book…ah man…here they come…*sniffles* DAMN YOU CARTER *goes off to cry*

Out of Sight, Out of Time (Gallagher Girls, #5)

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