The New Year’s Countdown: My Literary Best Friends of 2012

5) PETER (Don’t Turn Around by Michelle Gagnon)

He’s loyal, smart, sweet and has the ability to change my grades if I didn’t like them. He held the book together for me and the way he came off the page got me thinking that he’d be just as great a friend as he is a hacker.

Don't Turn Around (PERSEF0NE, #1)

4) REBECCA BAXTER aka BEX (The Gallagher Series by Ally Carter)

Why? Because she’ll kick your ass if you’re mean to me. I read the 5th book in the series this year, Out of Sight Out of Time, and was reminded of how much of an awesome friend Miss. Baxter is. She’d eat ice cream with me on hot summer days and would be willing to help me tail a guy I liked. Who wouldn’t want a spy for a best friend?

Out of Sight, Out of Time (Gallagher Girls, #5)

3) ANGELA (Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan)

I. LOVE. ANGELA. She’s the best friend who’s willing be friends with you no matter how weird you may seem to others. Her excessive laziness doesn’t mean she won’t fight for you and it works well with my hermit like life style. It just means I can read books with company!

Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy, #1)

2) HENRY (This Dark Endeavour & Such Wicked Intent by Kenneth Oppel)

Compassionate, sweet and a writer too? Henry is the best friend for me. We’d survive scary movie scenarios together because we both know it’s a bad idea to go into the [insert dark and creepy place here]. We may not live a life of adventure but we’d have fun reading books and writing stories. The best thing about Henry is that he’ll be willing to put aside his fear to help his friends and that’s all I’m willing to ask for.

Such Wicked Intent (The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, #2)

1) AXELIA aka ZEE (What Kills Me by Wynne Channing)

She’s Canadian!!!! She’s very much like me in terms of personality (awkward, humorous, loyal etc) and she can lighten any crappy situation. PLUS she’s a vampire so she can punch stuff and open jam for me. That’s true friendship right there.

What Kills Me

Check out Hilarious Characters of 2012 tomorrow as I countdown to my top 5 favourite books of 2012.

A. A. Omer

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