The New Year’s Countdown: Genre Breakdown of 2012

I’ve read 57 books this year and to kick off the book portion of the 2012 Countdown, I thought it would be fun to see a breakdown of the genres that caught my attention this year. Out of 57 books, 48 of them were Young Adult and 9 were Adult novels. Now I know I need to add my Adult novels to my To-Be-Read (TBR) list in 2013.

Young Adult: 48

Adult: 9

Now for the Genres! Out of my 57 2012 reads, 11 of them were Paranormal/Urban Fantasies, 5 were Thrillers, 13 were Contemporaries, 17 were Dystopians, 2 were classics (read them for my Lit class), 4 were Speculative Fiction, 2 were Sci-Fi and 3 were Horror. Not surprised that Dystopians dominated given the rise in popularity after the Hunger Games. There have been a lot of great stories in that genre but in second place was Contemporaries which I haven’t read so many the years before. To round off the top 3 genres that I’ve read this year, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy takes the 3rd place spot. If you had asked me the most read genre in high school, this genre would’ve been it. Maybe Post-Secondary is a more realistic time for me?

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy: 11

Thrillers: 5

Contemporary: 13

Dystopian: 17

Classics: 2

Speculative Fiction: 4

Sci-fi: 2

Horror: 3

I thought I’d breakdown my reads further by looking at the types of stories I’ve read. 99.9% of the stories I’ve read have gone the traditional route of publishing whether it’s through smaller publishers or the big 6 (now 5) pubs out there. This, however, marked my first self pub book by Wynne Channing (a Canadian! and one of my first Twitter pals) that debuted this past summer (What Kills Me). It was really really good and it opened me up to adding other self-pub books to my TBR this upcoming year. This year was a year of Novellas! So many and all between series releases. I’ve only read 2 and that’s probably because I’m not a huge fan of novellas that are extension of a pre-existing series. Sometimes it works but a lot of the time it’s just a way to tide you over to the next book in the series. BUT I am a fan of stand alone novellas which HarperCollins is doing with it’s new imprint HarperTeen Impulse. It’s still new and there’s also series linked novellas but there’s plenty of room to grow. I’ve read 2 short stories this year. One was an alternative Point of View (POV) of a character in a pre-existing series (pretty good) and one was also from the HarperTeen Impulse. I love me some short stories (preferably a stand alone).

Indie: 1

Novella: 2

Short Story: 2

Finally, out of the 57 books I’ve read, 40 of them were print books. I know, I know. That means 17 were e-books  which means, again if you recall in past tweets/posts, a format I really don’t like. I’ve come to acknowledge it’s exists and it’s inevitability but I still much rather prefer print if there’s an option.

E-books: 17

That’s it folks. Quite the breakdown. I’m existed for the next couple of posts since they’ll involve topics like my top 5 literary crushes, top 5 literary bad asses and etc. All of these posts will lead up the to the top prize: FAVE READS OF 2012!


Stay tuned for that.

A. A. Omer

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