The New Year’s Countdown: Shows of 2012

I’ve been terrible with keeping up with the fall shows on my Previously On…Television segment. So I thought I’d make it up to you guys by stating the top five fall shows of 2012 that have survived the Hunger Games style competition of capturing and maintaining my attention. I’ll probably be doing this every season but, for now, let’s look at our triumphant survivors!

5. Grimm

  • I didn’t start this show until the last three episodes of season one last year and I’ve stuck with it till the midseason finale of season two not too long ago. It’s surprisingly addictive as a cop procedural with a fairy tale twist. This season is filled with lies, lost memories, obsessive love, unexpected family members and the usual ass kicking.

4. Revenge

  • Who knew this show would go into the direction that it would? Season 2 started off with a boom and maintained it until the midseason finale. It’s a show with a strong female lead with an equally strong and sinister female villain. The lines blur where good and bad are concerned. This season is filled with lies, hook ups, plot reveals, sexy accents, murders and, of course, revenge.

3. The Walking Dead

  • WHO DOESN’T LOVE THIS SHOW? This season is awesome so far with unexpected deaths, close calls, an ass kicking Carl, homemade silencers, a psycho dude and ZOMBIES.

2. Arrow

  • I love this show so much because I’m a fan of comic book adapted things. Also because it’s so much fun to mock in a loving manner with fellow Arrow lovers. This season is filled with trick arrows, plot reveals, shirtless scenes, very difficult exercising scenes (pull ups!), flash backs and re-envisioned comic book villains.

1. Revolution

  • This show is my favourite right now. I love Billy Burke and David Lyons and a Canadian is playing the lead! (Tracy Spiridakos aka Charlie). It’s a world where the power doesn’t work and where militias are now the law. I’m giddy just thinking of the next episode after the winter break. This season is filled with sword fighting, homemade explosions, HUGE plot reveals, unexpected deaths and jokes regarding life before the blackout (Google!).

Three of the top 5 are returnees while two have premiered this past fall.

A. A. Omer

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