The New Year’s Countdown: Movies of 2012

I thought I’d start off the blog’s countdown to 2013 by reminiscing the 2012 movie moments. I’m a film and television lover just as much as I am a book lover because great stories can be told in multiple forms. I initially thought I’d write about movies AND television shows in one post but noticed that the movies part got a little…long. So I divided the posts up instead.

****You can skip to the end if you like for the top 5 2012 releases.****

I’ve seen a lot of movies this year (not all of them in theatres because that would be EXPENSIVE) and 2012 was full of much anticipated films that got people buzzing with excitement. A lot of these movies (at least for me) were comic book related.

The Avengers
• I loved this movie. I saw it twice: once with my family and the second with my comics loving friend. Having multiple, A-list, comic book characters with their own stories to tell PLUS a plot is a hard thing to juggle in a 2 hour movie (give or take). Joss Whedon did that while maintaining the comic book feel to it. I’m very excited for the sequel which is set to come out the summer of 2014.

The Amazing Spiderman
• I loved this version of Spiderman way more than the Toby McGuire one. My brother and many others would disagree but I felt like the essence of Spiderman was seen here more. The focus is on 16 year old, Peter Parker, who’s just discovered his spider-like abilities and his relationship with Gwen Stacey (his first love before the red head, Mary Jane Watson, enters the picture). I’m excited for the second one after the cliff hanger of an ending in the first.

The Dark Knight Rises
• This was my most anticipated movie this year and anyone who knows me will tell you how much of a Bat fan I am (especially with Nolan’s version of it). Sadly, this was the most disappointing movie for me as well. It LOOKED stunning but the plot points and character depictions (mostly of Bruce Wayne/Batman) broke my heart and expectations. I was unhappy which is shocking given my big love for the last two films (LOVE THE DARK KNIGHT SOOOO MUCH!). Not the way I wanted or expected the franchise to close…

• Okay, this isn’t a comic book movie BUT it is a superhero one. I really enjoyed this film. It has a faux documentary/Cloverfield feel to it which added to the realism of a story that follows three guys who’ve discovered they have superpowers. It is heart breaking, exhilarating and humorous.

Another film that I had high expectations for was The Hunger Games. I was slightly disappointed of how tamed the film was in comparison to the book (yeah, yeah. Film rules and all that) but also by the overall pacing of it. I didn’t hate it but I thought it could of have been way better.

I saw The Perks of Being a Wall Flower at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and broke down in tears and in smiles and then back to tears quite frequently. It was an amazing film and I recommend it to everyone. Logan Lerman was amazing in it. I also saw an independent film from Turkey at TIFF called Watchtower. A story about a young woman with a secret who’s path crosses with a man at a forest fire tower. It’s film that’s stayed with me and the lack of a soundtrack in a movie was new for me.

I love to analyze every single film I saw this year but I’m sure it’ll get boring so I’ve made a list of films I’ve enjoyed and the ones that I didn’t.

One for the Money
The Grey
The Lucky One (Zach Efron looked GOOD).
Rise of the Guardians
Red Dawn
Taken 2
Pitch Perfect

Not So Much:
The Divide
Man on the Ledge
Underworld: Awakening
Safe House
Total Recall
Borne Legacy
Expendables 2
Breaking Dawn
Premium Rush
Killing Them Softly

1. The Avengers
2. Perks of Being a Wall Flower
3. Chronicle
4. Watchtower
5. The Amazing Spiderman

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