Countdown to the “Year End Countdown”!

Hello avid readers, aspiring writers and people who enjoy reading the collection of words on this blog. We’ve been through a lot these past few months (7 to be exact but who’s counting? I AM!) and it’s the end of a long year filled with awesome moments in books (mostly) but also in movies, television and comics. So I thought that I’d write a series of posts on the best books moments of 2012 (such as the most tearful scenes or the most kickass female protagnists) with the last day of December dedicated to the best novels of 2012 (the top prize!) and the most anticipated reads of 2013 on January 1st.

I’ll kick things off tomorrow with the top movies that I’ve enjoyed seeing, the top fall shows thus far on my to-watch list and my favourite comic reads. A few of the posts on the days following will cover the Issues of 2012 (mostly book related), a fun recap of the events I got to go to this year along with a shout out to the amazing authors, bloggers and publishers that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

So much fun to come guys! I mean it!

Keep an eye out for the Countdown and don’t be afraid to comment on what would be your choice in any given category. I must now go since my mother is urging me to escape with her to a location she refuses to disclose.

See You Later Lovelies,

A. A. Omer

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