E-book Imprints: A New Avenue for Short Story Writers?

So HarperCollins announced it’s new e-book imprint called HarperTeen Impulse not too long ago and there’s a little blurb about it on Epic Reads:

Feed your e-reader! New e-novellas and short stories are ready to download every month.

These bite-sized ebooks are the perfect way to discover a new author, learn more about your favorite characters, or try out a new series.

I love this! WHAT? YOU? THE PERSON WHO DESPISES EBOOKS? Well, I no longer DESPISE ebooks. I just tolerant them now. I prefer having a physical book but I’ve come to the understanding that sometimes, when the need for a particular read is great, I don’t have a choice in what format the book is available in and I deal with it. I like this idea of short stories and novellas that can be read between novels every month but, being me, it also had me thinking of the other ways this new imprint can be used.

Why not publish authors who specialize in short stories like Alice Munro? Why not publish really great short stories by new authors who haven’t been published before? Obviously these stories would have to have a young adult aspect to it in regards to HarperTeen Impulse but I’m talking about e-book imprints in general. This could be an alternative to the anthologies or the literary magazines and, if their short stories do really well with readers, a collection of their short stories can be put into a physical book!

What’s really cool about this idea is:

  • offers another avenue for writers to get published
  • allows for these short stories to reach readers in the way that popular novels do
  • allow for writers who normally write short stories to attain loyal fans the way that novelists do
  • it allows for stories/authors that are really good (but seen as “too risky”  to invest the amount of money that goes towards publishing a novel or seen as not marketable) an opportunity to expand the literary horizons of the readers

Angela Carter, Alice Munro and others write amazing short stories/novellas and are experts in using the most out of the small/limiting form. It takes real skill to write a short story whether it’s knowing when an idea is too big for the format or expanding a small moment into a something beautiful and that couldn’t have been done in novel length.

What do you guys think?

This is just some brainwashing I do in my spare time and think this’ll be really great. I do think that the quality of writing and the story will be scrutinized more. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean free passes are given to poorly developed plot or characters. Especially characters since that’s what the form caters to: character development rather than the plot itself.

A. A. Omer

Featured image taken from Clip Art via Microsoft Word. Yay, Clip Art!

2 thoughts on “E-book Imprints: A New Avenue for Short Story Writers?

  1. I like this idea as long as they’re actual short stories. I hate buying those ebook extras sometimes and they’re so short they’re barely worth the money. As long as it’s a decent enough length I will happily support these new imprints

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