Man of Steel Trailer #2

I love this second trailer of the MAN OF STEEL movie coming out this summer but I’m also hesitant.


  • That Superman is being taken to a more serious or at least bad ass direction
  • Henry Cavill. He looks like he’ll be a great Superman/Clark Kent. *Fingers Crossed*
  • That the plot isn’t given away in the trailer unlike SOME SUPERHERO MOVIES *coughs. Amazing Spiderman*
  • The suit? I know that the bright blues, reds, and yellow are iconic but the darkening of the blue and red creates a serious look to the suit. I don’t know…if I saw him in real life I’m be taken back before I laugh. Because Superheroes aren’t real sadly and someone wearing a suit is hilarious in the real world.
  • Amy Adams isn’t raven haired like Lois in the comics but…I’m okay with that. Acting the part is still a question mark though


  • I love the grittiness of the movie but this is Batman. Superman, although not my most favourite of the Superhero, invokes optimism, hope and the feel goodness that superhero comics should make you feel. He’s everything the Superhero is about which makes sense given that he’s the first superhero. I just hope that Clark Kent’s unwavering belief in the good of people and the silver lining remains. Plus, the cool super powers.

2 thoughts on “Man of Steel Trailer #2

  1. I’m excited but nervous about this movie. It has a lot of pressure because it will be the first serious Superman thing I see and therefore could potentially decide whether I ever bother to read a Superman comic. Growing up I was only ever exposed to Lois and Clark and Smallville and those two versions of Superman totally turned me off the character. But this trailer looked really good so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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