Tonight!: The Friday Society Gala

I’m very excited today.

Tonight, at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, I’ll be attending “The Friday Society” Gala to mark the release of the book of the same name by Adrienne Kress. I’ve heard good things already so I’ll be adding it to my 2013 to-be-read list.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go since I had to go right after work but it was an opportunity to meet and hang out with a couple of awesome blogger pals. I promise to do a recap post tomorrow and hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures *crosses fingers*.

I’m not an expert in book launch parties or signings so I thought I’d post  one that another blogger has already written about to give you guys some DOs and DO NOTs (either re-posting part of the post with a link to the rest or just a quick introduction with the link of the blog post). If I can remember who posted it…

That post will also go up tomorrow as well.

Have a great weekend!

A. A. Omer

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