You Read What? Book Reviews: Stupid Perfect World

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Publisher: HarperCollins

  • Imprint: HarperTeen Impulse

Date Published: December 4th 2012

Format: E-Book

Source: Bought it from HarperTeen Impulse via Amazon


In this future-set novella by bestselling author Scott Westerfeld, Kieran Black lives in a “perfect” world. Disease and starvation have been eradicated, sleep is unnecessary, and it takes no time at all to go from the Bahamas to the moon. But now Kieran has to take Scarcity, a class about how people lived in the bad old days. And as if sitting through an hour of Scarcity every day wasn’t depressing enough, it’s final projects time. Each student must choose some form of ancient hardship to experience for two whole weeks. Kieran chooses having to sleep eight hours a night, which doesn’t seem too annoying.

Maria Borsotti has never thought much of Kieran, but she decides to take pity on him and help him out with his project. Soon, Kieran is sleeping and having vivid dreams, while Maria, whose Scarcity project is to give up all teenage hormone regulation, is experiencing emotions she never knew she had. As their assignments draw them closer together, they begin to wonder if the olden days weren’t so bad. Maybe something has been missing from their perfect lives after all?

Number of Days It Took to Read: 1 but it was more like a couple of hours


Stupid Perfect World

THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL COVER. It was the second reason for why I choose to read this (the first was because it was written by Scott Westerfeld). I love the colorful heart on the black background. It reminds me of fireworks for some reason. I also think the reverse R is a nice touch.

The Writing Score: 3.5 out of 5

Recommendation: Casual Perusal

Memorable or Forgettable: Memorable

Rating: 4 out of 5


I’ve finally read a Scott Westerfeld story! I don’t know why but life seems to enjoy throwing curve balls whenever I try to read something by him but when I heard about HarperCollins new imprint, HarperTeen Impulse, and that his novella was one of the firsts…I jumped at the chance. Like I said, Stupid Perfect World is a novella which means that it’s too long to be a short story but too short to be categorized as a novel.

I liked it. It was a cute read and the premise was really great. The characters weren’t fleshed out in the way you would expect to see in a novel so I can’t say that I was invested in them (not that I’m saying that’s not possible in a novella in general). I did, however, enjoy this unique approach to a futuristic tale where our time is seen as ancient history and that common, everyday things like hormones, sleep, the cold, parasitic eye eating diseases  and etc are seen as nonchalant things or just crazy.

Mr. Westerfeld, you’re sneaky. Why? Because while the characters in the story are learning to be appreciative of not having to deal with things like Cancer and the works, it got me to appreciate the things that we don’t have to deal with from the past and treasure the things we don’t value enough (SLEEP!!!!). Nice work and a great way to introduce this new imprint.

A. A. Omer

The opinions expressed here are mine and readers are welcome to disagree. In fact, I encourage it! I never believed in putting particular books or authors on some sort of universal pedestal but you’re free to put it on your individualized pedestal because I most certainly will.

One thought on “You Read What? Book Reviews: Stupid Perfect World

  1. I just heard about this new imprint and was curious what the stories were like. This was the only one that really appealed to me (because its Westerfeld) so I’m glad to hear it was enjoyable

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