Down but Not Out

Hello Wonderful Readers, Writers and Eaters of Food,

I’m not neglecting my blogging duties if you’ve been wondering about the radio silence the last little while (with the random post here and there). My internet is nonexistent at my house at the moment and, hopefully, I’ll get it back in due time (my mother is being extremely vague on when that’ll be). That’s great timing for me personally since it’s crunch time for essays/exams this week and next so I wouldn’t have been posting reviews all that much anyways. If anything, the lack of an internet connection has saved you all from nonsensical posts about such things like my…personal life. I know. I’d cry too 🙂

I promise that December will be an awesome month. There will be MULTIPLE reviews a day, plus some countdown posts to the New Year in terms of my fave reads and books that I look forward to in 2013 just to name a few. I’ll be changing the look and structure of the blog slightly and will add/remove segments. I’ve also created another blog dedicated to my writing as well as tips and tricks on writing that I’ve read up on or was taught in my creative writing class (She Tales Me Stories).

Can’t think of anymore changes to the blog or new things approaching right now but I’ll update when i can.

Read On, my Friends. Read On!

A. A. Omer

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