You Read What? Book Reviews: Don’t Turn Around

Author: Michelle Gagnon

Publisher: HarperCollins

Date Published: August 28th 2012

Format: Hard Cover

Source: Toronto Public Library


Sixteen-year-old Noa has been a victim of the system ever since her parents died. Now living off the grid and trusting no one, she uses her computer-hacking skills to stay safely anonymous and alone. But when she wakes up on a table in an empty warehouse with an IV in her arm and no memory of how she got there, Noa starts to wish she had someone on her side.

Enter Peter Gregory. A rich kid and the leader of a hacker alliance, Peter needs people with Noa’s talents on his team. Especially after a shady corporation called AMRF threatens his life in no uncertain terms.

But what Noa and Peter don’t realize is that Noa holds the key to a terrible secret, and there are those who’d stop at nothing to silence her for good.

Fans of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” will devour the story of Noa, a teen soul mate to Lisbeth Salander.

Number of Days It Took to Read: 3


Awesome! I love this cover. It pops. It’s a tad creepy. The 3D like effect of hand trying to claw through the grid is so well done. I can literally gush over this cover but I think I;ve made my point J

The Writing Score: 3 out of 5

Recommendation: A Casual Perusal

Memorable or Forgettable:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


This book was a fun read. I really enjoyed the premise of the story which is based heavily on mystery. Who doesn’t love shady corporations and conspiracies? Seriously, who doesn’t  There were a few things that gripped me while reading this. First and foremost: the plot. The story starts up pretty quickly and then got slow in the middle but revved up again in the end. I didn’t realize how much of the young adult market is saturated with dystopic, contemporary (usually romantic) and paranormal themed stories so I love getting back to the action/mystery genre within young adult. I ADORE Peter. I don’t know what it is about him (maybe because I can imagine being friends with him) but I wanted this entire book to be told from his perspective. I also enjoyed all of the hacking that was going on and had this intense need to be a hacker myself (not going to happen given my lack of skill in computers).

I had issues with Amanda, Peter’s girlfriend, being given a point of view in the story (although there weren’t a lot of them). I just think that it’s purpose in furthering or giving context to the plot could have be told through Peter’s point of view in the end. On its own, it just slowed the momentum of the story. Noa as a main character wasn’t really all that intriguing. Her hacking skills and the unknown surrounding what happened to her were the only things that interested me about her. She wasn’t lively enough and whether or not she’s a foster kid shouldn’t affect how multi-dimensional of a character she can be. She has the potential of becoming a likable character or at least a character that I could feel something for. I felt I went into a default of empathy because she was a foster kid rather having the writing elicit that from me. Peter definitely carried the story.

This is the first book of the series which means building the foundations of the story was imperative. It held my attention enough to get to the end and the end got me excited for the next book. Hopefully, we’ll get more action and a livelier Noa.

Overall, a good read. 🙂

A. A. Omer

The opinions expressed here are mine and readers are welcome to disagree. In fact, I encourage it! I never believed in putting particular books or authors on some sort of universal pedestal but you’re free to put it on your individualized pedestal because I most certainly will.

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