To rant or not to rant? That was the question…

I like to start off by saying that I’m a very passionate person in discussions. You know the type. Hands flailing all over the place as though that would somehow make my arguments more legitimate despite the constant flinging of my glasses right off my face as a result (I do make a few good point in the process though). So ranting isn’t a new thing for me in my personal life because, let’s face it, there are A LOT of things that piss me off or annoy me.

The question I ask today as a new blogger is whether ranting has a place in the blogging community (or even more specifically: the book blogging community). Books lovers and bloggers are a passionate bunch and have created a mutual understanding or expectation that not everyone is going to like all of the books out there (or the subsequent movies that come from them). Sometimes though, there are books, movies or even situations where you have this immense urge to tell everyone EXACTLY how you feel. Don’t fret. We all go through it (I’m currently going through it). How do you know when to rant, how to rant or whether you should rant at all? Easy. Follow the Ranter’s Guide to Responsible Ranting. What is it? A guide that I made up a few seconds ago that I think can help you with your ranting “urges” that will save you from twitter wars, blogger angry mobs or hurting someone’s feelings.

Step One: Access the Reason for your Rant

Why are you upset? Are you upset that a book/movie you read/saw sucked but for some reason has a HUGE following that baffles your very nature? Are you upset because your mother is holding the password to the Internet hostage in order to get you to do the chores? Are you upset because…well…you have no other reason but to stir crap up? Access your reasons before typing angrily away via twitter/blog/facebook etc. Sometimes it’s a situation that just doesn’t require you to rant at all and when this realization hits you, because it will, you can release that tiresome anger and have a cookie because cookie taste good. But if you feel that it’s a worthy cause, proceed to step two.

Step Two: The Time and Place Conundrum

So you’ve found a worthy rant. A rant that will intrigue people and, quite possible, get them thinking a multitude of things in a new light.

That probably will never happen given that it’s a rant and not a discussion but you can dream, right? Now it’s time to decide the home of your rant and it’s appropriate time. What? There’s a specific time to let your rant run free? Yes. I don’t think your neighbor wants to hear your rant on walking their dog through your rose bush when their loved one is in the hospital. Believe or not, that’s a bad time. I’m pretty sure they’ll have a rant of their own. Also, rants have no place online. You can never truly delete anything off the internet and it can be found by future employers or people you don’t want reading it if you’re not careful. You’ll likely say something you’ll regret during the rant since it’s usually done in the heat of the moment.

BUT I HAVE ALL OF THIS UNRESOLVED ANGER???? Then do what I do: rant to my mom. Well, YOU can’t rant to MY mom. You have your own for that. It doesn’t have to be your mom though. it can be your dad, siblings, friends, coworkers, the homeless guy down the street, your stuffed miniature Batman. Rants are best to have in person. You can flail a lot more.

(I do find that twitter is the least appropriate place to rant since you have 140 characters or less. I don’t know about you but my rants last a few hours if I’m really riled up…So you’re determine to rant. Good luck but please proceed to step three for all of our sakes).

Step Three: Be Smart and Compassionate with Your Anger

Don’t be mean in your ranting. You’re mad. I get it. So are other people all over the world over other issues. Say your piece but don’t be malicious and when someone answers your rant in opposition then

  • breath
  • count to 10
  • explain your reasons for being upset over that issue in well thought out points.

Don’t have any good reasons for your rant? THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??? I LEFT YOU AT STEP ONE!

I think my ranting piece went on a rant. The initial question asked got lost…

…ah! I remember. Should book bloggers rant over a book?


They show have a meaningful discussion/review.


This would’ve been a shorter post.

A. A. Omer

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