Second Annual Ontario Blogger Meet Up 2012 Recap

It’s only – 7:35 pm – as I write this post and I feel like a train just ran me over (I literally just spelled “write” as right so if that’s any indication….).  Today was the much anticipated Blogger Meet Up for bloggers living within Ontario, Canada and it took place at the Watermark Irish Pub in downtown Toronto.

When I got to the meet up, I was bombarded with laughter, bloggers, authors, publisher representatives and, most importantly, books. I got checked in, was given a swag bag filled with devour worthy books and went on to find a table. I ended up sitting with three amazing people – Stephanie from, Leonicka from and Siobhan from – all of whom were book bloggers and avid readers like myself. We talked about everything from our to-read piles to the books we DID read to interesting topics like when a series should end or the creation of the New Adult genre and even horror films.


(Stephanie and Leonicka. The lovely Siobhan was M.I.A. Most likely due to the allure of books)

       The entire time, we were mingling between meals with the authors in attendance. I wasn’t able to talk to every single author (or even blogger) due to the sheer frenzy of the situation. The authors that I did have the pleasure of meeting were Lesley Livingston, Elizabeth Miles, Brian Francis and Grace O’Connell. These are the nicest people you’ll ever meet and it’s nice to see them in person after talking to them via twitter (Lesley Livingston and Elizabeth Miles). I also got a hug from Lesley Livingston which made me feel giddy especially since I’m ready her book Starling right now.

(Author Lesley Livingston)

(Author Grace O’Connell, Shannon Pearson from HarperCollinsCa, Blogger Siobhan and Author Brian Francis)

(Bloggers enjoying their meal and books – 2nd from the left: Avery from and third from the left: Ashley from

(Author Elizabeth Miles – right – signing a book for blogger Chrystal from

(Author Susin Nielsen with bloggers Kelly and Lisa from

(Bloggers Giselle from and Lindsey from

The food was great and we played some trivia to win books. I won The Diviners by Libba Bray by naming the title of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memoir (TOTAL RECALL!!!).

(The books for the Trivia/Raffle)

There were raffles and book exchanges/trades/giveaway between bloggers and by the end of it all, I had a wheelie bag AS WELL AS a hug bag filled with books and swag.


(Awesome swag…)

I had a blast and am experiencing the crash after a book high. I would recommend this event to any blogger from Ontario and to authors who are interested in participating next year!

Thank you to Christa from, Michele from, Jen from, Liz from, Nicole from www.nicoleabouttown.comAngel from and Wendy (currently on hiatus).

Thank you to the authors – Lesley Livingston, Grace O’Connell, Elizabeth Miles, Brian Francis, Allison Baggio, Susin Nielsen, Maureen McGowan, Joanne Levy and Cinda Williams Chima – who took the time to hang out with us. We appreciated it.

Thank you to the publishing houses who participated – HarperCollins Canada, Random House Canada, Penguin and Simon Schuster for participating in this awesome event!

Lastly, thank you to the bloggers I got to meet today. You guys made this a fun experience and welcomed this newbie into your world.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

A. A. Omer

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