2012 Hallows Eve: My “HOLY CRAP” Moments

As you can tell on this blog, I’m not just a lover of books but a fan of films and television shows as well. So this Hallows Eve, I thought I’d list my scary book, television and movie moments thus far. I mean…if you can handle it of course…


Ahhh…books. Who doesn’t love a creepy read? Especially when your scared out of your wits but only to look around to see that no one else has witnessed the horror you’ve been reading. I don’t scare easy but these books most definitely did the trick. Check out these scary reads and see if you’re one to endure or the one to shrivel up in the fetal position in the corner.

666: The Number of the Beast (Anthology)

666: The Number of the Beast

I read this a few years ago and still freak out at the thought of it. This anthology houses the short stories of the most diverse and phenomenal writers with a knack for getting your heart pumping. There was a particular story that truly scared me (and my friend when I read it to her) by none other than the horror master himself, Christopher Pike, called Saving Face.

Every Move by Peter McPhee

Every Move

Sometimes the scariest stories are the ones that resemble real life the most. This story is about a girl named Emily who has the unfortunate luck of having a stalker whose obsession gets dangerous. Remember your web cam? Yeah? You’ll be wanting to tap it over after reading this…

Such Wicked Intent by Kenneth Oppel

Such Wicked Intent (The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, #2)

This wasn’t a full blown crap-your-pants type scary but it really was creepy. It felt like watching a horror film as you’d scream at the characters (or, to those around you, at your book) to NOT [Insert absurd and obviously-asking-to-be-hacked-to-pieces action here] but they never listen, of course, which makes for an awesome read…



It’s hard to find a show that’s truly scary every week but these shows from the past have done just that. Some of them have even defined what was scary in my childhood…


This show was creepy. It brought the stories by R. L. Stine to life and scared the crap out of me whenever it was on. The one character that scared me the most would have to be the ventriloquist dummy. I’ve been terrified of toys ever since…

Are You Afraid of The Dark?

This was a show that had an opening theme that scared you enough to turn it off (and I did countless of times in urgency). Its haunted my dreams as a kid and, till this day, just the thought of watching it again (despite the poor graphics that I likely to face) gives me the heebie jeebies *shudders*

Harper’s Island

This was the best idea television has ever had. It’s murder mystery show that gave viewers 13 weeks to try to figure out who the killer was. It came out in 2009 (so not too long ago) and it’s really creepy. I really wish things like this were done more often…


Scary movies have been around since the dawn of time…okay…not really but they’re the most integral part of society. not watching at least one scary movie in one’s lifetime is like not truly living…


This was not a show a middle schooler should see and yet I saw it anyways with my younger siblings and aunt. It was so scary that I was freaking out for days and couldn’t finish the movie until the next day at 9:00 am. It’s one of THE scariest things I’ve seen thus far.

The Grudge

I saw five minutes of the middle of this film (accidentally went to it while flipping through the channels…) and had to turn it off. So…


I saw this movie this past Friday in theaters and it was SCARY. Afterwards…about a few hours later…the scariness wore off but it was definitely a must see in theaters unless you’re like my cousin who doesn’t scare easily. It was also my first scary movie in theaters which I found changes the experience completely…

There you have it. Some of these might not be as scary as the first time but the fact that they WERE says something…maybe that I’m just easily scared ;P

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