Some shows get axed, some are added to my watch list and the ones that have been lucky enough to last get reviewed.

You’ll see this week that no show is safe. Staying on my to watch list are AlphasGrimm, HavenOnce Upon a TimeWarehouse 13Young JusticeRevengeThe Walking DeadSwitched at BirthPerson of Interest, Revolution, Arrow, Nikita, Supernatural and the Mindy Project.

So here’s a breakdown of the hits, misses and the “on probation” thus far. Under the new shows of the fall:

On the chopping block is Emily Owens, M.D.

Sorry Justin Hartley. You were great on Smallville but this show of yours just didn’t click with me. I stopped watching it halfway through regardless of how good looking you are (This does happen. I stayed an extra two years with Criminal Minds just because of Shemar Moore. I know, I know.)

The shows on probation are Last Resort and The Mob Doctor.

Yes. These two shows are still on probation. I can’t commit to The Mob Doctor yet and I’m too curious in the plot of  Last Resort to ax it. Grrr.

I’ve added to my watch list Beauty and The BeastAmerican Horror Story and Elementary:

I’m hooked on Beauty and the Beast. The lead guy plays his part well and Kristen Kreuk is a bit of a bad ass. The fight sequences are so beautifully filmed with fight music playing the background. This show won me over.

I didn’t stick with the last season of American Horror Story but when I heard that a) season 2 was a who new story and new characters b) that Adam Levine was in it  and c) that Joseph Fiennes was in it too. These two actors are both good looking and talented but it was the creepiness and craziness of the asylum that had me hooked.

Yes. This’ll never be as good as Sherlock but damn it…it’s got it’s hooks in me…

Now onto the returning shows.

Nikita is the only returning show that had it’s premiere this week. Season 3 went off to a strong start and I can’t wait for the next episode. Covert Affairs came back from it’s mid season hiatus this past Tuesday with a really good episode.

The show on probation is Scandal and Hawaii 5-o.

These two shows are taking too long with their plots. Each episode on it’s own isn’t interesting enough but both of these shows have a bigger plot that isn’t being dangled in our faces enough the way it used to in the previous seasons. COME ON! I’m getting bored…

The show on the chopping block is The Good Wife.

I don’t care about this show anymore. It’s lost it’s luster. The individual cases aren’t as interesting and I miss the thick sexual tension between Alicia and Will that you used to be able to cut with a knife. *sigh*

There aren’t any premieres this week but what’s been axed, placed on probation or added to your watch list?

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